Cut scene from "The Batman" released: The new Joker is so disturbing

His appearance was undoubtedly the biggest surprise in "The Batman": Because at the end of the film you can see the new Joker for a brief moment. A freshly released bonus scene, on the other hand, now shows the super villain much longer. And the gig really is the stuff nightmares are made of.
And director Matt Reeves finally confirmed this in various interviews shortly after the theatrical release of "The Batman", which has been on show in German cinemas since March 3, 2022. The filmmaker also revealed in several conversations that this is not the only scene with the legendary Batman nemesis that was filmed. However, the sequence did not make it into the finished film. It has now been officially released. And anyone who thinks the Joker interpretations by Heath Ledger or, most recently, Joaquin Phoenix were dark and disturbing will experience a blue miracle here.
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The Batman: Bonus scene features the new Joker

In the bonus scene, Batman (Robert Pattinson) meets the Joker (Barry Keoghan).


The two talk about the Riddler. Joker says he's a nobody who would like to be someone and that he planned his murder spree, which has so far killed the mayor and the police chief, for a long time. "Why is he texting me?" Batman then asks. "Maybe he's a fan of yours? Or he has something against you. Maybe you're the main course," the Joker replies mischievously.
Then he adds: "You have a lot in common." Batman gets impatient, gets up and is about to leave when the Joker starts making fun of him. As the Dark Knight stands by the door, the prisoner puts his face close to the microphone that connects the cell to the visiting room and says, chuckling, "I think somewhere deep inside you're unsure if he's doing something wrong . You think they deserve it." The Joker bursts out in high-pitched laughter as Batman leaves the room.
Disturbing and creepy: there has never been such a joker
The scene is without a doubt the stuff of nightmares. Because thanks to Barry Keoghan, the Joker is more disturbing and chilling than any interpretation before. This is undoubtedly also due to his disfigured appearance. But at least as menacing is his obvious intelligence. The setting reminds you of Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) from "The Silence of the Lambs".
Given the impact this scene has, it's understandable that director Matt Reeves decided not to include it in The Batman. Far too much would have distracted them from the Riddler, the actual villain of the film. But who knows: maybe there will be a reunion with the Joker in "The Batman 2". Barry Keoghan certainly lives up to the role.

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