Danger of germs: Computer keyboards are more heavily loaded than toilet lids

Although modern man spends much of his time in front of the computer, he rarely cleans it. Computer keyboards alone are more heavily used than the average toilet seat. This is the conclusion of research from the University of Arizona and several consumer magazines in recent years. This example illustrates why regular keyboard cleaning is so important.
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Computer keyboards are more heavily used than toilets – how can that be?
How is it possible that computer keyboards become such germ spreaders? A number of factors are responsible for this. On the one hand, the dust particles that like to collect in the keyboard. Meals eaten near the computer keyboard can also lead to leftovers collecting between the keys. These residues left behind can encourage the growth of germs. The introduction of germs through contact with the human hand is also possible. You don't wash your hands after every door or window handle that you touch in everyday life. If you unknowingly pick up something in contact, these pathogens can get directly to the keyboard via your hands.
In contrast to many other areas of our everyday life, however, we rarely perceive computer keyboards as in need of cleaning. Not everyone is equally bothered by a little dust on the keyboard. While other rooms such as bathrooms are cleaned regularly, it is easy to forget your own computer keyboard. This can lead to the germ load on the computer keyboard even exceeding the values of an average toilet seat.

How to reduce computer keyboard germ load?

Probably the most important aspect is to clean the keyboard itself regularly. This reduces germs on the keyboard surface and reduces risks to your health. It also helps to pay attention to regular hand washing in everyday life. This reduces the risk of unknowingly bringing germs onto your keyboard. Meals near the computer should be questioned critically. If you have no way of moving to another room in everyday life, you should clean your keyboard all the more often.
Depending on the model, cleaning a keyboard can be time-consuming. That's probably the biggest reason it's so seldom done. With mechanical keyboards, you can peel off the keys one by one and remove every speck of dust underneath. Cheaper alternatives can often be unscrewed, at least on the case, so that the inner workings can be removed. There is often a thin rubber mat between the circuit board and the buttons that you can wash off. However, this is not absolutely necessary, as it is often enough to tackle the germs with disinfectant and a damp cloth.
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You can also gently treat a mechanical keyboard with disinfectant. However, you should not spray directly onto the keyboard, otherwise liquid could get under the mechanical keys. Instead, gently spray onto a microfiber cloth to wipe the keys. The cloth itself must not drip wet either, so that no drops get into the inner workings. It should therefore be wet at best.
How dangerous are stressed computer keyboards really?
Studies from the University of Arizona found that the average desktop PC with a keyboard had up to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. These are not just harmless and everyday germs. Even stubborn pathogens that lead to severe gastrointestinal diseases could survive on the keyboard for up to 24 hours. However, most of the germs on the keyboard come directly from humans. These are types that live on people, for example on our skin, in the mouth or nose. Unless you have a weak immune system or a wound like a cut on your finger, these germs won't harm you.
Regular keyboard cleaning can therefore protect you from contact with some dangerous pathogens. If you share the keyboard or the workspace with another person, it can help to pay particular attention to cleaning the workspace, especially during the cold months.

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