Do I want to play this parody of Dark Souls with a crab? Certainly !

With its Dark Souls trilogy, FromSoftware has created an inspiring genre: soulslike, action-oriented RPGs that set the bar high. The Japanese studio masters this formula like no one – evidenced by the flamboyant Elden Ring – but that does not prevent other developers from trying it (with more or less success). This is the case of Aggro Crab which will offer, in 2023, Another Crab's Treasure on PC and Nintendo Switch.
We already want to play Another Crab's Treasure, not because it's a soulslike (we love soulslike) but a real parody. We will actually embody a hermit crab whose mission will be to find his shell – a pretext to offer fights with higher than average difficulty. Judging by the first trailer, which premiered on May 11 as part of Nintendo's Indie World, the game is teeming with wacky ideas.

A Dark Souls with a crab? Genius !

It's really genius, hoping the gameplay follows. On this subject, Aggro Crab promises an open world to explore, more than 50 shells to repel aquatic fauna, various techniques for self-defense and several options for adjusting the difficulty. Because if Another Crab's Treasure intends to offer sensations close to a Dark Souls, it will however be accessible to a majority of players.

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