Echo Show 15 in the test: Great information center with inexplicable weaknesses

Large display to show a lot of content

Setting up the Amazon Echo Show is easy and intuitive. All the necessary settings are made directly via the 15.6-inch (approx. 40 centimetres) touchscreen with Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). In addition to a WLAN connection (2.4 or 5 GHz), an Amazon account is required for the setup, which most users should have anyway after placing an order. Once all available updates have been installed, you can get started. Setting up the Amazon Echo Show took us about 20 minutes.
Some getting used to: the processing. Actually, you can't accuse Amazon of anything on this point, but it's clear that the Echo Show 15 is pretty thick. Due to the two built-in speakers, among other things, the smart display is 35 millimeters deep. The length is 402 millimeters and the width is 252 millimeters – with a horizontal orientation, mind you. If you hang the Echo Show 15 on the wall, the Echo Show 15 quickly mutates into a dust catcher due to its lush frame.

Integrated camera with 5 megapixel resolution

On the top of the black frame you can find volume buttons and a switch for the camera in addition to a deactivation button for the microphone and the integrated camera. In no time at all, the camera lens can be covered using a sliding mechanism. Greetings from privacy. But then it is no longer possible to monitor the room via the Alexa app on the smartphone when you are away.
Helpful buttons on the top of the Amazon Echo Show 15.

Wide range of skills, customizable widgets

It is particularly practical that the Echo Show 15 can be expanded in many ways. Because in everyday life you can use a countless number of so-called skills on the Echo Show 15. Superficially, they can be equated with free apps like the ones you know from your smartphone. You can use the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet to search through the wide range of skills and activate them on your Amazon Echo Show. For example, quiz skills, web radio stations, TV programs or helpful everyday helpers such as a waste calendar or even games are available.
You can also display widgets on the Amazon Echo Show start page and sort them individually according to your personal preferences. Due to the display size of more than 15 inches, a lot of information is visible at first glance. If you want to see more, you can swipe the screen to other activated widgets. But the truth also belongs: At present, not only is the number of widgets still manageable, but some of them also don't seem to have been thought through to the end in terms of software. For example, it is not possible to adjust the size. However, Amazon can still make improvements here as part of software updates.

Power consumption of the Amazon Echo Show 15

Already mounted on the optional stand, the Amazon Echo Show 15 is surprisingly thick – hanging on the wall it looks no different.
It is pleasing that the Echo Show 15 is equipped with a brightness sensor. So it only shines as brightly as the ambient light requires. Even from a distance, we were always able to read the content on the screen – even at an angle from the side.

The sound quality is surprisingly weak

You may get used to this audio performance over the course of the day, but the next day at the latest, the dull, pale listening experience is immediately noticeable again. In our opinion, Amazon should have invested significantly more time in product development for a better user experience. However, the Echo Show 15 does not appear to have been fully developed with its audio properties. Because other Echo products from Amazon prove that it can be done better.
Conclusion: Not fish, not meat – but nice to look at
A sometimes annoying cable hangs under the Amazon Echo Show 15 when mounted on the wall.
But that doesn't change the fact that we absolutely like the rest of the Amazon Echo Show 15's design. In a modern living room with lots of white furniture, the largest Echo Show model to date looks really good with its black frame and white display border. And if you can also look at your personal holiday memories in the form of a slide show, the feel-good atmosphere in your own four walls is perfect.
Really practical for families: Integrated face recognition makes it possible for the Echo Show to be used with up to ten user profiles. Not only general content is shown on the display, but also personalized things such as personal appointments and reminders or the music tracks played last. What exactly can be seen on the screen always depends on who is standing in front of the smart display. If you will, the Echo Show 15 is a digital bulletin board with the help of facial recognition.



quite thick frame surprisingly hollow, tinny sound without strong bass rings (but sufficient) camera resolution somewhat notchy, delayed menu navigation quite expensive (and the practical stand even costs extra)

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The Amazon Echo Show 15 looks beautiful and offers many useful functions in the form of skills. But he is permanently energized, lays it on thick and his sound properties are surprisingly immature. For 250 euros that's too many weaknesses. I would like to call out to Amazon: "You should bring the successor, which is hopefully already in development, to the market as soon as possible!"

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