Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2022: These are the top offers

Epic Games is primarily known for free games like Fortnite. But the developer has a lot more to offer in its own Epic Games Store. In addition to the in-house games, there is a huge selection of games that players can buy in the store. Now there is the Mega Sale, which runs from May 19th to June 16th. You can also use a Mega Sale coupon that gives you another 25 percent discount.

Triple A highlights on sale

Triple A Games are really big games from the gaming industry. They have the highest budget of any game and are published by the most famous studios. There are a lot of such games in the Mega Sale at the Epic Games Store, which are now heavily reduced.
This includes, for example, Far Cry 6, which is reduced by a whopping 50 percent. Instead of almost 60 euros, the game currently only costs you around 30 euros. In Far Cry 6 you dive into a crazy world ruled by a cruel dictator. Join the guerrilla revolution and free the people from the iron fist of the unjust ruler. The positive reviews of the game speak for themselves, because this game is really fun.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla is even reduced by 60 percent and currently only costs you 24 euros. In this game you dive into a bygone era, the time of the Vikings. Conquer the world seas and go in search of fame and glory. The brand new Dying Light 2 is also reduced by 10 percent and there is even a 20 percent discount on Tiny Tina's Wonderland. Since the two titles are still brand new games, the sales are rather subdued compared to others. Still, they are worthwhile for players who can't wait to play the new games.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla is heavily discounted.

Indie Games on the Epic Games Store Mega Sale

An indie game that currently only costs you two euros is The Wizard and the Slug. It's a cute 2D game in which you'll explore a fantastic world and meet lots of cute characters. You play as a little snail who goes on an adventure with the help of a magical wizard. It gets darker in The Silent Age. Because here you dive into a post-apocalyptic world in which every person on earth has suddenly disappeared. Can you unravel the mystery in this point-and-click adventure? You can also get this game for just 1.60 euros.
If you are still looking for little games to pass the time, then now is the perfect opportunity. In the Epic Games Store there are currently a large number of cheap, well-made indie games for you, which often cost you no more than a few euros. Of course, there are plenty of other genres that are discounted in the Epic Games Store Mega Sale as well. You can still secure the offers until June 16th with the strong discounts and great games.

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