Everything You Need To Know About Google API To Validate Email Address In 2022

Why is this important? Because there are many fake emails circulating around in the business world. So it’s important to check if users are providing accurate information for contact and purchasing purposes. 
So what about Google’s email API? Up to this point, you may be wondering,  “How can I use Google’s email API to validate my own email database?” Let us explain how it will work, and why you should use it. 

Google’s Email API: What Is It? 

The Google API for Email Verification is a simple, user-friendly tool for verifying and protecting your domain. You may verify up to 1,000,000 email addresses with the Google API for Email Verification simply by entering the domain name and the email addresses you want to verify. This is one of the most effective approaches to discover and prevent unauthorized sign-ups! 

What Else Does The API For Email Validation Do? 

How To Validate An Email With The Google API? 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to validate an email using Google’s email verification API: 
1. Create an account on the Zyla API Hub website. It is a reputable API marketplace that provides access to a variety of reliable and effective APIs.2. Subsequently, you will receive an API key when you register your account. This combination of letters and digits will allow you to make calls to any of the APIs available in the marketplace.3. By including your bearer token in the Authorization header, you will be able to make calls to any of the APIs available in the marketplace.4. To complete the process, enter the domain name in the relevant field and make an API call.5. You will receive a report with all of the necessary information right after! 
This tool also provides you with a chance to see whether or when your emails are being opened by your recipients based on whether or not they have clicked on any links in any emails they have received from you since starting your business. This would indicate that they are not concerned with
This API will validate the domain of any email that is trying to login into your application and run a test to verify its safety.

You can check Email Risk Verification API for free here.

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