Facebook launches its Ray-Ban glasses in Spain to record everything and asks us to use them in moderation for "privacy"

The so-called Ray-Ban Stories arrive in Spain today (also in Austria and Belgium and on April 14 they will be in France), cost 329 euros and are available both on the Ray-Ban website and in stores. The Ray-Ban Stories made their debut in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and Italy last September. The arrival in Spain comes hand in hand with new software functions for these glasses and new designs in terms of frame and color.
We are going to review the characteristics of these new glasses to understand what it can mean for our privacy. And it is that they are very discreet and have nothing to do with the Oculus Augmented Reality, very easy to distinguish from normal glasses.


Characteristics of the new Meta Ray-Bans

On the other hand, they have an integrated audio system in the mount and 3 microphones. According to Meta, they are for listening to your music from any app on your phone, and for receiving calls.

Concerns about privacy

Although since the arrival of camera phones there are more options for someone to record us without realizing it, these discreet glasses, which could be sunglasses without more, have raised certain suspicions in terms of privacy. So much so, that the title that Facebook has given to this release is "Designed for privacy, controlled by you." Already basic, it is striking that they talk about privacy, above all, when we are defining glasses that look "normal" but have cameras and microphones, super discreet, incorporated.
The agencies argued that smartphones can also record third parties, but it happens that the phone is visible in that case, while the indicator light is very small. According to what they said, it has not been demonstrated to Data Protection that exhaustive tests have been carried out in the field to guarantee that the indicator light is an effective means of warning. And in this regard, from these agencies they ask Facebook to show the studies and the demonstration that this LED light is enough to alert people and that it is not a method to record others unnoticed.
On the other hand, Facebook will be able to collect a little more information from its users (as if they had little until now). The company Meta has stated that Ray-Ban Stories "collect the data necessary for the glasses to work, such as the battery status to notify you when it is low, the email address and the Facebook login password. to verify that it is you when you enter the Facebook View application, and your WiFi connectivity".

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