Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, full cross-play between PS4 and PC, and a new mode added by patch 6.5

The Fall Guys Mid-Season Update adds a feature the community will love. However, the Xbox and Switch versions are still waiting.
Season 6 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Party Spectacular, is still in full swing, and Mediatonic has decided to give it a boost with a traditional mid-season update. It is available today on PC and PS4, and brings a long-awaited feature: cross-play on all game modes. Cross-platform play was already available in custom lobbies, but it is now possible to create groups for classic games between PlayStation and PC players.
Update 6.5 also adds Sweet Thieves mode where it is possible to walk rather than run, as well as many fixes listed in the changelog below.


For starters, we're very excited to announce the arrival of cross-platform lobbies! So you can form parties with your friends and play Fall Guys, whether they're on PC or PlayStation. You could already form cross-platform lobbies in Custom Shows, but now you can do this for all of our applicable playlists in Fall Guys, from groups to the main show to duos and more.
As long as you and your friends have already linked your Epic accounts to Fall Guys, you will be able to play together using the "Invite Players" feature. Don't worry if you or your friends haven't linked your accounts yet, you'll be prompted to do so when the game launches. Here's more information on linking your Epic account! Anyone you already have as friends on PlayStation or Steam will automatically appear in your Epic friends list. To add new friends, simply search for them using their Epic or PlayStation nickname: if they also have an associated account, their name will appear.
To invite players to your party in Fall Guys, simply tap on "Invite Players" on the main screen, and you can invite your Epic friends. To learn more about how it works, check out the FAQ on our Fall Guys support page. The support team is also available to help you with any problems!
We know you're eagerly awaiting news about Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. We're finalizing development, and while it's not part of this update, it will eventually happen! Until then, we're excited to start by enabling cross-platform functionality for our existing platforms.


You may have heard of this mode by a different name before, or seen an erroneous image titled INVISIBEANS PLACEHOLDER when Season 6 launched. Under a new, sweeter name, Sweet Thieves will be coming to the game very soon. In this round , players are divided into two types: thieves and guardians. As the thieves scour the level to collect and steal candy bits, the guards must find and arrest them, sending them to jail. But don't worry, thieves can free their comrades with the push of a button…
Oh, did we tell you that this mode has a new mechanic? In this mode, and only in this mode, you will be able to make your Fall Guy walk instead of running. Perfect for badass beans.
For the moment, we prefer to mince our words: you will see a detailed explanation of this mode as well as a trailer very soon.


We've pulled out our swatters, installed our fly paper, and squashed a host of bugs in this update. Hot, fresh from our development team, here is the list of fixes and improvements that come with this update:
[Custom] Fixed cases where a room failed to load the second part, forcing players to make new rooms
[The Jumping Kings] Fixed the central pillar that players could stand on and dodge spinning bars
[Groups] Fixed an issue on Race Heats characterized by a premature end after a countdown timer appeared
[Parties] Fixed timeouts killing victorious players in Group Jumping Kings
[Eliminations] Fixed cases where players were wrongly eliminated in elimination levels, for example in The Jumping Kings when they hadn't touched the bar

[La Grimpette] Big Yeetus Upgrade

[Long-Circuit] Fixed cases where players were not qualified when passing the second round
[Fruits + Fruits = Fruits] Fixed ramps and tiles that players could get stuck between
[That's Heavy] Fixed rhinos charging players unexpectedly and without a visual indicator beforehand
[Jump Kings] Decreased visual teleports of other players when jumping over the bar
[Animation] Adjusted the Piano animation so it doesn't suddenly stop in-game
[La Grimpette] Fixed ragdoll for players interacting with a stationary spinner
[Lost Temple] Players are no longer slowed or stopped when walking on the bottom ledges of open doors

[Balance] Fixed seesaw leaning more than others in the level

[Roll-Bowl] Fixed platform floors that some players were going through before falling into jelly
[IPS] Overall IPS improvement, which should reduce frame rate drops
[Obstacles] Fixed bars not rotating with direction of arrows in levels like Airplane Fans

[The Gelatinous Tower] Fixed appearance of boxer bases

[Crown] Victors are now correctly rewarded in the event of a tie during crown grabbing in levels like The Grimpette and The Lost Temple
[Costumes] Fixed visual errors on costumes, including: Diver, Aquarium, Barbarian, Colorful Barbarian, Jester, Jester, Lady Margot, Aloy, Snow Queen, Snow Princess, and color errors. team on Ghost costumes, Jin

And Aloy

[Achievements] Fixed issues with obtaining Stumble Chums and Big Boss
[Gameplay] Improved item carrying: when a grab is broken, characters no longer 'ping' in the wrong place
[Gameplay] Improved "Bean Tornadoes" in which many players close to each other move simultaneously and generate unpredictable collisions
As for the Switch and Xbox versions, announced for many months, they are still promised for soon, without a precise release date for the moment…

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