Fault on Facebook and Instagram seems to be over

The outage would have started shortly after 3 p.m. Dutch time. The reports came from, among others, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, India and Mexico.
In early October, there was a seven-hour global outage at Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, followed a few days later by new technical problems.

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Malfunctions at Spotify, Snapchat and Google, among others

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This is what Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spends his billions on

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Russian generals endanger themselves with this

Those who have remained in Kiev await in uncertainty and fear what the next steps of the Russian army are. We discuss the possibilities and limitations with strategic analyst and former military man Patrick Bolder.

Roxeanne Hazes responds to André's health

The Hazes classics will sound as usual in the Ziggo Dome this weekend. Numerous artists, including Roxeanne Hazes and Gerard Joling, are eager to go all out again during a new series of Holland Zingt Hazes. The atmosphere is already good during rehearsals, al…
'This is how Putin knew that China would support him'
Leaders from around the world are trying to increase pressure on Putin to end the war in Ukraine. Last weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Bennet visited the Russian president and Erdogan also had telephone contact. Superpower China is keeping a low profile for the time being. According to h…
Nicol lashes out at Peter Gillis: 'It's not me!'
In Massa Is Kassa the mood changes completely when Nicol gets the feeling that her partner, holiday park millionaire Peter Gillis, is blaming her for being overweight. The entire episode can be seen on SBS6 on Tuesday evening at 8:30 PM.

08 MarFinancial

Spotify: outage seems to be over

The problem with Spotify seems to have been resolved. Via Twitter, the company reports that "everything looks much better now" after tens of thousands of reports about problems logging in to the music streaming service had been received in the Netherlands alone.

08 MarInland

'Abolish Jubelton? Don't punish hard-working people!'
The cabinet wants to get rid of the jubelton. The tax-free gift for a home will be abolished as of 2024 in order to narrow the gap in the housing market. But will this abolition actually close the gap that has arisen? Or are hardworking citizens deprived of the opportunity to give money to their children…

08 MarFinancial

Five questions about Google that was taken to court by Jort Kelder

08 MarStars

Daughter Steve Jobs signs modeling contract

The youngest daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs starts working for modeling agency DNA Model Management. Eve Jobs is in good company there: the agency also represents Doutzen Kroes, Kaia Gerber and Emily Ratajkowski, among others.


Mar 07Financial

Prosus takes $700 million loss on 'Russian Facebook'
Amsterdam internet investor Prosus expects to write off its entire $700 million stake in Russian social media company VK Group after the CEO and some other shareholders have been put on international blacklists after the invasion of Ukraine. It also withdraws its drivers…

Mar 07Money

Call: are you insured against cybercrime?

From businesses being shut down to ordinary individuals whose bank accounts are taken over, cybercrime has now become as much of a threat as regular burglary. You can even insure yourself against it.

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