Few good, many fail: detergents at Stiftung Warentest & ÖKO-TEST

In the detergent test, detergents have to prove whether they can remove stubborn incrustations and how many plates they can wash. Not only the cleaning performance is included in the result, the ingredients are also included in the evaluation.
The results: Overall, most hand dishwashing detergents are not really convincing – both at the Stiftung Warentest and at ÖKO-TEST. Overall, concentrates achieve the best cleaning results. Compared to classic dishwashing detergents, these contain less water and more washing-active substances (fat-dissolving surfactants). After their test, the experts from ÖKO-Test draw the frustrating conclusion: if a detergent is very good at cleaning, it contains many critical pollutants. The agents with harmless ingredients are less efficient when cleaning.
Dishwashing liquid in the test: the winners and losers at a glance

Stiftung Warentest

The test of 2022

For the 06/2022 issue, Stiftung Warentest tested classic detergents and detergent concentrates. The result: Compared to the concentrates, the classic remedy can hardly keep up. The grade "satisfactory" is awarded three times to classic washing-up liquid. All other detergents only get a "sufficient". A product, the Edeka Gut & Billig Classic with a fresh apple scent, fails with the rating "poor".

The winners include:

PrilKraft Gel Ultra Plus 5+ – Grade 1.5Aldi Alio Ultra Classic 5 in 1 – Grade 1.8dm Denkmit Ultra Multi-Power 5 – Grade 1.9Lidl W5 Ultra-Power – Grade 1.9Penny Blik Power Concentrate 5 in 1 Ocean – Note 2.0Rewe Yes Ultra Power 5 in 1 – Note 2.0Edeka Good & Cheap Ultra Concentrate – Note 2.2FairyUltra Plus Concentrate Original – Note 2.2Netto Marken-Discount Priva Ultra Power – Note 2.2

The test of 2018

In September 2018, Stiftung Warentest tested a total of 26 different detergent brands, including organic products. The testers are disappointed with the majority of the products. The ingredients cause heads to shake – especially because of the critical methylisothiazolinone*. But the testers are not only critical of the ingredients, the cleaning performance of many tested detergents is also poor. Organic products, in particular, score "inadequate".

Losers include:

Ecover Hand Dishwashing LiquidFrosch Hand Rinse LotionFrosch Dishwashing Liquid
The winner of the washing-up liquid test is a branded product: the Pril Kraft Gel Ultra Plus.


Only one grade "good", seven products fail, according to the test result of the magazine ÖKO-TEST (issue 06/2018). The experts put 21 washing-up liquids through their paces. The result is not rosy here either: the majority received the mediocre grade "satisfactory" or "sufficient". Seven detergents failed due to critical ingredients, including a Palmolive** product and the Fit Original Highest Rinsing Power.
The only detergent that can convince is the Fairy Ultra Plus concentrate Villarriba Edition Original.
*Note: According to Stiftung Warentest, many manufacturers now only have small or no amounts of methylisothiazolinone in their detergents.
**Note: According to the manufacturer, the Palmolive washing-up liquid no longer contains the ingredients in question.

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