For hunters and collectors: Audials One streaming recorder for only EUR 29.99

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You always want to have your music, your favorite films or series to hand, regardless of Internet reception and expiring subscriptions. Then simply record everything with Audials One legal and archive it on your storage media. In the CHIP shopping deal, you can currently get the software directly from the manufacturer for EUR 29.99 instead of EUR 80 – you save over 60 percent.
In the CHIP shopping deal you now have the unique opportunity to buy Audials One for 29.99 euros instead of 80 euros (to the deal) – that's a whopping saving of over 60 percent!

The Audials One deal at a glance:

Audials One for EUR 29.99 – click here for the deal
That's what the specialists of the CHIP Software editorial team say about Audials One
Audials One: This allows you to load music from streaming services onto your PC.

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In the current version, multiple playlists can be loaded from Spotify or YouTube at very high speeds, with the individual tracks being neatly separated and ads removed. When storing, Audials supports all common formats and end devices, and the files can be easily converted.

Legal, as no copy-protected data can be backed up

Audials generally does not access copy-protected media such as DVDs or Blu-Rays – this would circumvent copy protection and is therefore a punishable offense – but the program can record the unencrypted signal played back by the PC. Audials only remains powerless if the playback is also encrypted.
Audials One for EUR 29.99 – click here for the deal
Create a wish list and collect media at the same time
Simply expand your music collection with a wish list.

Image: Audials

When you enjoy your music on the computer, Styles help you stay in the right mood. You can switch between different styles and the design of the interface, the selection of music and the suggestions change depending on your mood.
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