For Sky Q & Sky Go: Every customer should know these practical functions

With Sky Q, Sky Go and Sky Ticket, the pay channel Sky offers various subscription packages and entertainment platforms with which customers can watch numerous series, cinema films or TV shows.
While Sky Q and Sky Ticket are paid subscriptions and content platforms, respectively, Sky Go is just the name of the free Sky app. With this, you can easily stream Sky content on your cell phone, tablet or laptop while you're on the go. Which titles you can see in the app depends on your Sky subscription and the packages you have booked, eg sports, cinema or series.
In the following we will show you some tips and tricks with which you can call up the Sky program even more conveniently.

Put together your own Sky-Q package

Sky Go: Practical features

Stream on multiple devices: Sky Go gives you the option to stream all Sky content on up to three different devices. All you have to do is register the three devices of your choice in the "Sky Apps device list". You can find out more about this here: Manage Sky device list. Record films and series: Watch your favorite programs or films via pre-download without consuming additional data volume. With Sky Go you can save up to 25 titles and view them 30 days after downloading. You can find more information on this in the Sky Help Center. Programming recordings for Sky Q on the go: To do this, select a program in the TV Guide and press the Record button. In order for Mobile Record to work, the smart card must be inserted into your Sky Q receiver and the device must be connected to the mains. The Sky Q receiver now records the desired program at home. Play recordings from Sky Q on Sky Go: This is also possible – albeit a bit complicated. This requires the latest version of the Sky Go app to be installed and you must have a Sky Q receiver that is on the same network as your Sky Go device. On Sky Go, press recordings, confirm the connection with the receiver and you can also play recordings from Sky Q via Sky Go.

Handy features for Sky Q

You can use Sky Go and Sky Q even more conveniently by using one or the other practical feature.

Operate the Sky Q receiver via voice control: Your Sky receiver can also be easily operated via voice command with the Sky Q remote control. To do this, press the appropriate language button on the right side of the remote control and speak the command clearly into the microphone under the Sky button. All commands are listed here. Restart the Sky Q Receiver: There is a reset button on the back of your receiver on the left. If you hold it for five seconds, the receiver restarts. No data is lost in the process. Record the programs you want when you're on the go: With the "Mobile Record" function, you can program your receiver to record special titles when you're on the go. You can find detailed instructions in the help center under the "Mobile Record" tab. Watch films on live TV right from the start: If you switch to a film that has already been running for a few minutes on the live program, you have the option of watching it from the beginning to start. A few seconds after you have called up the station, information will appear that you can confirm with the OK button. Alternatively, the film can also be started from the beginning by calling up the program info by pressing the OK button. This option is only possible for content that is also available on demand.
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