For the Easter holiday: If you want to travel now, you need these apps on your smartphone

Just in time for Easter and the relaxed corona rules, more people are traveling in Europe again. So that you get through the holiday well, we will show you which practical apps absolutely belong on your smartphone.
For two years, many people either gave up the best time of the year completely or struggled with compromises. But the signs are pointing to opening after the corona restrictions, this does not only apply to Germany and many people want to travel significantly more this year. But you shouldn't forget Corona.

Other important questions are:

What do I have to consider when entering the country on the subject of customs? What is the best way to find your way around in the holiday area? What is the fastest way to get from A to B? What is the best way to overcome language barriers?
We will introduce you to the most important apps so that you can travel relaxed in 2022 as well.

Proof of vaccination and country rules

Corona warning app or CovPass are still important travel companions.

Image: CWA/SAP

Despite the relaxed regulations, the pandemic is not over yet. The CovPass app or the Corona warning app can still be used to prove a negative corona test, recovery or vaccination. In addition to the vaccination, proof of recovery and test results can also be shown here. Another advantage of the Corona-Warn-App: Numerous EU countries support the warning system, so that you can also be warned abroad if you encounter a risky person with an infected person.
With the CovPass app you can easily check whether the certificates are also valid in the holiday country. Since you can also deposit certificates for children and other family members there, nothing stands in the way of a holiday with the whole family.

Google translator: overcoming language barriers

Google translator helps with understanding.

Image: CHIP

On site, one thing will help you: the local language of the destination. It is quite normal that there are sometimes communication problems or language gaps. With Google Translate you get a free interpreter that also offers offline functions.

Komoot: Hiking on vacation

Hiking is even more fun with Komoot.

Image: Google

The most beautiful bike tours or hiking trails are not always easy to find. However, travel routes and times are often problematic. Especially without a car, it can be difficult to get to popular hiking areas like the Alps. In addition, the transport of bicycles could also be relatively complicated. The Komoot app provides a remedy for this.
At Komoot you can choose between different sports. In addition to hiking and cycling tours, there are also routes for mountain bikes, racing bikes and jogging trails. The app is very good at planning tours. First you specify important parameters, such as the type of sport, your condition, the start and finish point and the desired duration or distance. You will then receive several route suggestions, which will be calculated based on your information.
The map material consists of topographical maps – you can choose a region for free. Then you have to buy each region individually for 3.99 euros. The region package for just under nine euros or even the world package for around 30 euros unlocks significantly larger regions. At the start you can choose an area without additional payment.
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Customs and Travel: Am I allowed to import this?

The app explains what you need to consider at customs.

Image: CHIP

Importing goods from abroad is often complicated and opaque. So that you don't lose track, there is the "Customs and Travel" app from the Federal Ministry of Finance.
You will find all the important information on importing goods from abroad in a clear application. In the built-in tax calculator, you use several sliders to determine the amount of imported tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and the value of other products. If you are below the permitted maximum limit, you will get the green light from the app. Otherwise you will be asked to declare the goods to customs. Conveniently, you will be charged how much import duty you have to pay.

Refuel cheaply

Tank apps are easy on the holiday budget.

Image: CHIP

If you go on holiday by car or mobile home, you should also keep an eye on fuel costs. This is where tank apps can help. The Gasoline Price Flash app compares prices across countries. It not only offers official fuel price data from Germany, but also offers other countries, currently these are:
Austria (diesel, super and CNG only) Luxembourg France Portugal (excluding Madeira and the Azores) Spain Italy

TripAdvisor: The real insider tips

Apps like Tripadvisor let you explore.

Image: Screenshot

In the app, you can either specify a special travel destination or simply search in your area. Thanks to the many reviews from users, you can see immediately whether you have really found a culinary highlight or should change your plans. You'll often see insider tips from locals too, so you can soak up the full gastronomic culture.
Uber & public transport: How to get to your destination
With Uber and Citymapper you can get to your destination quickly and safely, even on vacation.

Image: UBER/Citymapper

Taxi rides are often expensive, but they are a good way to get to your desired destination, especially on vacation. The popular private provider Uber is a cost-effective alternative with a number of additional features. Before you book a ride, you can already see the price. Thanks to the payment in the app, you can also be sure that you will not be ripped off when you are abroad. There is also a practical choice of different vehicle types, including vans or eco-friendly vehicles.
Alternatively, if you prefer to get from A to B more cheaply by public transport, you can use the free Citymapper app in many large cities. Not only can buses, trains & co. be used here, but also various sharing services for cars, bicycles or e-scooters.
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