Forza Motorsport 8: Realtime ray tracing support confirmed

Forza Motorsport 8 will support true real-time ray tracing throughout the game.

Chris Esaki, Creative Director of Forza Motorsport said on the stream, "We're not trying to mislead you if you're racing in the game, if you're playing the game, ray tracing is enabled. I just want to get that straight.”
"Ray tracing is on the track, it's everywhere in the game – in real-time in the gameplay."
In addition, it was announced that a new career mode will be implemented in Forza Motorsport 8. Numerous new options should be added in multiplayer, so that you can even organize a whole race weekend, for example. Everything with Qualify and much more.
In addition, Chris has said that the dynamic weather and time of day will have an immense impact on track conditions.
The sun rises and heats up the track. At some points, the sun's rays shine longer on the asphalt and in some corners less. As a result, the asphalt also cools down faster. It all changes grip and how well the tires stay in contact with the track. Especially in a 24-hour race, this dynamic nature should be clearly reflected in the gameplay.
While each track will feature a dynamic daily cycle and different weather effects, track temperatures and much more will also be affected by the time of day. The current position of the sun always has an influence. Turn 10 Studios will only reveal more about this at a later date. All tracks were developed from scratch for this purpose. New routes are also in the works.
In addition, Forza Motorsport 8 should offer the best gaming experience in a Forza racing game and thus, during the race, for example, rubber will also separate from the tires on the track and rubbering will form. Players have to keep an eye on their fuel, plan their pit stops with optional new tire compound and personal driving behavior should have a significant impact on tire wear. Likewise the damage model, the tire damage model and the condition of your vehicle.
Tires are measured at eight different points on the track, whereas in previous Forza games, tire conditions were measured at just one point. But that's not all, because these eight points are queried six times more than before and all per tire!
According to Chris, the new tire model makes a 48-fold jump, which has an extreme effect on driving physics and handling. All of this in conjunction with the adjustable weight of the vehicles (also in the race through fuel consumption), the translation, the suspension and umpteen other options are intended to take Forza Motorsport 8 to a whole new level of driving physics.
Turn 10 Studios plans to share more information about Forza Motorsport 8 in the coming weeks and months. Above all, they want to highlight the multiplayer to show that they have responded to the wishes of Forza fans.
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