Frozen fries or pizza? The Germans prefer to eat this "ready-to-eat food".

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Frozen pizza in the oven, French fries in the air fryer or ravioli from the tin on the stove: when things have to be done quickly, the Germans have very clear preferences.
convenience foods? Any bet: even if you don't know what that term means, you've definitely eaten it. Because behind this neologism (convenience = convenience, food = food) are pre-processed foods by the food industry. This is particularly convenient for consumers because the manufacturers relieve them of some or all of the necessary work steps, which speeds up preparation.
The term convenience food includes pre-treated foods and meal components as well as complete ready meals – such as prepared vegetables or salad, packet soups, ready-made sauces, frozen pizza or chips, fish fingers, complete microwave meals, etc. According to the manufacturers, convenience products are basically classified according to the degree of their Processing classified into different categories:
Ready to cook: food that needs to be prepared before cooking (e.g.) vegetables, fruit, cut meat Ready to cook: food that only needs to be cooked (e.g. vegetables, marinated meat) Ready to be poured/mixed: food that can only be mixed with hot water or milk (e.g. mashed potatoes, packet soups) Ready-to-eat: foods that have been prepared and cooked and only need to be warmed up or mixed (e.g. canned goods such as canned ravioli, frozen ready meals, microwave menus) Ready-to-eat: foods that can be consumed immediately (e.g. fruit yoghurt, baked goods, canned fish, ice cream)
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Particularly popular: frozen fries and fish fingers


Convenience food forms an essential part of our daily diet. At least that is what the data from the Statista Content Special Food & Nutrition indicate. For the survey, almost 1,000 people were asked about their shopping and eating habits with regard to convenience foods. Frozen ready meals such as French fries or fish fingers are particularly popular with the survey participants, which more than half of the people surveyed in Germany regularly eat or buy (see Statista chart above). On the other hand, ready meals from the can, such as the "culinary" classic canned ravioli, are apparently consumed much less frequently. Ready-made frozen meals such as pizza or lasagne are about on par with canned tomatoes or fish.
So it's no wonder that a lot comes together with the frozen fries sold in the grocery store. The sales statistics for frozen products from the German Frozen Food Institute show around 200,000 tons of frozen chips sold in 2020.

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Potatoes are basically a low-fat food. Frozen fries, on the other hand, are pre-fried and therefore contain a certain amount of fat. But it only gets really fat when you prepare your frozen fries in the classic fryer. Because then they also soak up a lot of fat. On the other hand, the finished frozen fries contain significantly less fat if you prepare them in the oven or in a hot air fryer. In contrast to the usual fryer, with the latter you save the additional fat, so that the fat content is "only" about six percent in the end. Another advantage: the lack of odor nuisance!
With a good hot air fryer, however, you can not only prepare tasty fries – for example, muffins, chicken or vegetables are also on the menu. The Stiftung Warentest therefore tested a total of 13 hot air models in 2019. We have summarized the results of the test for you in this article. In the following table we show you recommended products from the test in compact form:

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