Gamers no longer have to leave their beds – at an affordable price

If you look at the new gaming bed from Bauhütte, the goal of every gamer seems to be to never have to leave their bed if possible. Therefore, the Japanese camp can be used not only as a place to sleep, but also as a kitchen and as a gaming chair. This is made possible by two motors that can lift the back area and the legs separately. The maximum angle of the backrest when unfolded is 60 degrees, while the legs can be raised by up to 35 degrees. The gaming bed is operated via a wired controller.

Bauhütte gaming bed: Technical data at a glance

Bauhütte uses steel as the material for the frame. Nevertheless, the bed does not weigh very much at almost 40 kilograms – at least in view of the dimensions. These are 199 x 94 centimeters and should therefore be sufficient for most people in this country. Also because the maximum carrying capacity of up to 200 kilograms is quite high. The height can be adjusted and is 13.8, 20.8 or 28.5 centimeters without the mattress.

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Gaming beds have been around for quite a while. However, these are usually complete solutions that cost as much as a used small car. The special thing about the gaming bed from Bauhütte, in addition to the motorization, is primarily its affordable price. In the Japanese Amazon, the bed currently costs 59,800 yen, which is the equivalent of around 440 euros. The associated mattress, meanwhile, puts another 185 euros on the price scales. At the moment, however, the gaming bed is already sold out, which indicates a high level of interest among customers. It is not known whether the Bauhütte bed will also be available in Germany.

More sports through gaming?

The gaming bed and similar products can reflect badly on gamers, but appearances can be deceiving. There are already numerous games that promote movement, such as Pokémon Go and various switch and VR games. Furthermore, a real gaming revolution is in the offing with LBE. So-called location-based entertainment involves virtual games that are played in real space. You can think of it a bit like multiplayer paintball, except that it takes place in space and uses laser cannons. In the future it should also be possible to insert real walls and props into the game environment. HTC, among others, is working on the LBE technology. Its headset, the Vive Focus 3, claims to have particularly low latency times and support playing areas of up to 1,000 square meters (roughly four tennis courts).

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