Get to know the universe: the best astronomy apps for Android

If your passion is the stars and you are a fan of astronomy, surely you love going out at night to a place with little light pollution to observe the constellations and everything that the night sky can offer us. Beyond outings to observe the Milky Way or the different meteor showers and eclipses that occur throughout the year, through these apps you will be able to use your mobile to explore the immensity of the sky and discover information about the planets of our solar system.

Sky Map

It stands out for how easy it is to use and it seems to us an ideal way to teach what is up there to the little ones in the house. Depending on your position, it helps you locate the constellations that are close to you. When you enter the name of the planet or constellation that you want to locate, a bubble appears with arrows that indicate where it is until you manage to place it in the center of the circle.


Sky safari's graphics are really good. It allows us to see the trajectory of several satellites and has night vision to preserve our sight if we are outside observing the sky on a starry night.
Sky Safari also provides insight into history, mythology, and the planets with hundreds of astronomical images accompanied by descriptions of NASA spacecraft.

Star map

With this app for Android you can obtain information about each constellation and the mythology behind each of them. All you have to do is point your phone at the sky and Star Map will tell you exactly what you're seeing, something that we can miss with Sky Map.
It calculates in real time the position of each star and planet visible from Earth and shows you their precise position. Even in broad daylight, although we don't find much fun in this other than mere information. One of the cool features that this app has is that if you point at the ground you will be able to see the night sky that people see on the other side of the planet. For zodiac and horoscope lovers, you will also be able to locate your sign in the sky. In addition, thanks to SkyWeek you will always be informed of the main astronomical events such as eclipses or meteor showers, among others.

Star Map App

My Aurora Forecast

Among the atmospheric phenomena that we can observe from Earth, perhaps one of the most spectacular is the Northern Lights. Without a doubt, one of the greatest spectacles of nature. I feel lucky to have witnessed it on a trip to Iceland and that is why if you are going to travel to countries like Norway, Finland, Canada or Iceland between the months of October and March (approximately), if the sky is clear and there is solar activity it is quite likely that you will be able to witness this phenomenon.
Of course, surely none of us are experts in knowing the best place or the right time to see a northern lights during a trip. My Aurora Forecast is not an astronomical app as such, but you can check the solar activity and the probability of seeing the Northern Lights in it. It has a list of the best places to observe this phenomenon and the predicted intensity per hour (KP index). You will also see solar wind statistics and images of the Sun. An ideal app to control geomagnetic activity.

My Aurora Forecast app interface

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