Google AI will analyze documents from Docs and YouTube videos to automatically generate summaries and division by chapters

Today the great event for Google developers began, the Google I/O 2022, and it did so with a 'keynote' led by Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company, in which some of the great news that we can expect have been revealed to us over the next year regarding its products and services.
And several of these developments have to do with the ability of artificial intelligence to make our lives easier and increase the functionality of its platforms, such as —in this case— Google Docs or YouTube.
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Autogenerated chapters on YouTube

Automatic document summaries

'TL;DR' is short for 'Too long, didn't read', and is used as a way of indicating the subject of a text that is too long to read under normal circumstances. (we can all have a report or dossier in mind as an example).
But Google has also thought about this, and – again, as announced by Sundar Pichai – the company's cloud office platform, Google Docs, will help solve this problem by implementing automatic summaries through artificial intelligence, a legacy functionality of Smart Canvas and whose arrival in Docs is now confirmed (by the hand of DeepMind technology).
Thus, Google's AI (which Pichai describes as "a great leap forward for natural language processing") will 'read' the documents and be able not only to understand their content, but also to synthesize it in a few sentences to save us time and effort.

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