Google announces that it has repelled cyberattacks from North Korea

In a blog post, the giant Google announces that it has foiled several cyberattacks from North Korea.
Pirates who would be "supported" by the North Korean government.

Google against the North Korean cyber threat!

On its official blog, the American giant explains that cyber-hackers from North Korea, supported by the government in place, would have exploited a critical zero-day flaw in the Google Chrome browser.
, with the aim of infiltrating computers of people working in the media, IT, crypto-currencies

Or financial services.

Two groups are particularly involved

The flaw allowed, before the patch deployed by Google, to execute malicious code on target machines. Google believes that one of the actions was carried out by the Operation Dream Job group, the latter having targeted more than 250 people from different media with phishing emails.

Concerning Disney, Oracle or even… Google.

Another group, Operation Applejeus, is said to have targeted just under a hundred people in the cryptocurrency and fintech sector. In all cases, the goal is to redirect users to a compromised URL, in order to install malware

On the victim's computer.

“Attackers repeatedly attempted to use the flaw several days after the vulnerability was patched on February 14, which underscores the importance of applying security updates as soon as they are available,” says especially the American giant.

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