Google Maps: These five places are censored in the app — and here's why

Today AVAST took care of my PC again. I noticed that I have two routers in my home network
First, my standard router – a SAGEM F@st 5330b and an additional Neufbox router, which appeared here for the first time.
Does anyone have any idea what I could do to investigate further?
If I receive a visitor who logs into my Internet access as a guest, does the router save when they came and went again? If yes, where can I find the list?
A fiber optic cable was severed during dredging nearby and Vodafone said it would take around a week to fix it. Unfortunately, this took 1 1/2 weeks. However, for the total failure of the Internet, TV and telephone, the bill was not adjusted after the time of the failure, nor was any other compensation made by Vodafone. This failure is due to force majeure, since the construction workers have nothing to do with Vodafone itself.
Can I make any claims or is Vodafone's statement correct?

Hey dear ones,

I wanted to know your opinion on whether I should give up ordering tiles for my bathroom online. There I can sometimes get tiles from €10 per m². Or is that too cheap to be real?
Why is it still not possible to simply stream a film from the tablet to the TV on televisions. You always need something in between from Apple or Amazon. With music, that's possible with many loudspeakers. Is it TV producers?
I keep having wifi/dsl crashes (100,000 line/Fritzbox7530yy).
I rarely had problems in my old apartment (50,000 line/Fritz Box 7490).

What can be the reason?

I dropped my cell phone in the water and I turned it off immediately, but a friend told me to turn it back on right away to see if it still works… Unfortunately, it didn't turn on properly, but it didn't turn off properly either … It lights up all the time.
I put the phone in a bowl of rice and removed the SIM card first.
How long should I leave it in the rice now and could the cell phone be broken by switching it on again?


I bought "nero platinum 2019" from Amazon. (no download) That was a month ago. Installed the software successfully. Also works. So far so good. When you open the program, some extra apps appear on the start page that you can install separately, such as nero Tune It up. I would like to install this app, but I don't know if it would be free. I bought the full version, right? Neither google nor the nero "control center" or nero "know how" had a suitable answer. An email sent directly to nero has so far gone unanswered. My system is Win10 vers1909. Can someone help? best regards zerolipatsch
While the government and telcos say the German internet is good enough for this, I've had a lot of internet problems lately.
Do you feel the same when you watch Netflix and YouTube?


When I go to wifi with my iPhone X, the internet always breaks off for me, maybe someone has an idea what could be the reason

Thanks in advance

Mfg Markus

My old contract from Telekom has been terminated without notice and I have now bought a prepaid starter set. Can I now use my cell phone with the new number, or do I need a new one? When setting up / registering, it shows me ERROR, number was not found.

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