Great price promise: MediaMarkt is reducing almost the entire range for 3 days

Away from these brands, however, there are some real bargains to be found. Important: The offer only applies to existing goods. With this trick, the chronically sold out PlayStation 5 is virtually excluded.

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The campaign actually doesn't start until Friday morning, so the eponymous 3 days make sense. However, they refer to the branch business including Sundays that are open for sale. The campaign starts online immediately – so on Thursday evening.

The campaign information in brief:

What? 15.966 percent discount on almost the entire rangeWhen? June 23, 8 p.m. to June 26, 11:59 p.m.Where? In the MediaMarkt online shop and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (when shops are open) also in the branches. Advantages for MediaMarkt Club customers? No, the promotion applies equally to all customers during the same period. However, Club customers collect points and enjoy the usual benefits (online billing, extended return period, 0 percent financing).
Overall, the discount applies to over 16,000 products in the entire range, as MediaMarkt announced on Wednesday. The price range is huge. The cheapest product – Disney characters “Skylanders” cost 83 cents after the discount. The most expensive participating item, a 77-inch 8K OLED television from LG's Signature OLED series, costs EUR 6,721.85 after deduction. After all, the TV monster has a list price of just under 20,000 euros and is therefore reduced by more than half compared to the RRP. In between there is a five-digit number of offers. Our top picks are below in the article.

“3 days of madness” – offers at MediaMarkt

Recently there was a similar action around Mother's Day and – now almost common – on the occasion of the Super Bowl in February. At that time, however, at Saturn, where the current campaign is not running. Due to more exclusion articles and brands, the campaign at MediaMarkt is perhaps a bit more disappointing than the last few rounds. However, there are still thousands of discounted products – if you are looking here, you will probably find something.
Top offers: These products are worth taking a closer look at
The price reductions should again ensure some best price offers. As usual with flat-rate discounts, the higher the original price, the greater the pure savings. While you save 8 euros on a 50 euro product, you get a 160 euro discount on an item for 1,000 euros.
In both cases, however, a decent relationship, because it is the same. Typically, the offers for OLED TVs, washing machines & dryers, food processors, fully automatic coffee machines and, of course, smartphones are very popular with such campaigns. MediaMarkt actively advertises some "highlight products". These include the Samsung Galaxy A52s, the S21 FE (with a contract) or the Siemens TQ703D07 EQ coffee machine. 700 (923.52 euros).
Especially with televisions, it is also worth looking at the cashback campaigns of the manufacturers themselves in order to save even more through the back door. Sony, for example, is currently offering cashback of up to 450 euros when buying TVs and soundbars from devices in the Bravia series. After the purchase you have to register for the cashback here.

Amazon cheated?

With the campaign, MediaMarkt is anticipating its big competitor Amazon. In about two weeks, the Prime Day will rise there with traditionally similar offers – at least in the technology area. The offers that Amazon puts together for its paying customers are unlikely to be much better, if at all, than the current ones from MediaMarkt. In addition, everyone can clear up MediaMarkt and not just Prime customers.
The affront to Amazon is underlined by the fact that the Amazon devices that MediaMarkt sells – Fire TV Sticks, Alexa speakers and others – are subject to a discount embargo. You are excluded from the "3 Days of Madness" promotion. However, MediaMarkt is likely to follow Amazon's prices during Prime Day on July 12 and 13 and ask for the same prices as its big competitor.

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