How Does The Best Is ScrAPIng Google Allowed API Work

You can extract the information you want from any website with a single click. You will not be able to believe how easy it is! You must try this API right away. It is the best one on the market, you will never have to search for another again. 
In this article, we will explain to you through several examples how to get the data you want from complex pages with just a few steps and by using this Google Chrome extension. 
And if you’re wondering about the name, let us tell you that the Scrape Google Data API allows you to scrape all of the Google results in a few seconds. And we have tried every other API on the market, and we can tell you that this one is the best! 

How does this API work? 

You just have to type the URL of the page you want to extract data from, for example all Google results for “best is scraping google data api”. You just have to be sure that the page is structured in a proper way, if it is not then this API may not work properly and may not be able to return any results at all. 
Then select the language in which you want to get results and press “start”. Once done, Scrape Google Data API will go and do its job! You will receive a code like this: 
And here are your results. You can get them as a JSON file or by using the code previously explained. You will also receive a percentage of success and accuracy, which indicates how well this API was able to extract data from that particular page. 

Another example: 

Let´s say that what you need are all the images of an specific website. For example, all of their product images from a specific page on their site, in this case, it would be all of their office supplies. 
You would start by pasting the URL into Scrape Google Data API and following through with everything else it says there. Just like with the first example, if you want it to work properly then make sure that your URL is structured correctly and organized so that this API can understand what it is looking for. 
Once done, all you have to do is click on “start” and then wait for it to complete its job which won´t take more than a minute or two. Once it finishes it will provide you with a whole list of every image
Scrape any webpage you want. Do not worry about captchas!

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