How Does The Best Much Highspeed Rail Cost In China API Work

Be able to retrieve all of the destinations a specific train service makes.

Be able to retrieve the information about a specific train.

Get the real-time travel and arrival status of a specific train service.

Be able to retrieve the estimated cost of a given train trip.

Much Highspeed Rail Cost In China API, What Is It? 

Much is an entertainment and news company funded by NBCUniversal. Currently, this company offers content from over 30 channels in an electronic platform that is easy to understand. One of the services Much has, is their APIs for consumers who subscribe to their TV channel and in-app users who use the application. Also, it is possible for non-subscribers to access them for a fee.
Be able to retrieve the status of future train travels and their estimated prices. Also, check the schedule of a given train.

You can check China Train Prices and Schedules API for free here.

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