How Does The Best Postman Check SSL Certificate API Work

Reverse look up the domain to obtain its certificate and the IP address of the host How Does The Best Postman Check SSL Certificate API Work? SSL validation technology is now more accessible than in previous years thanks to the accessibility of high-quality APIs. But wait, what are these APIs for SSL validation? Well, we’ll explain it in this article. What is an API? An API is an abbreviation for “Application Programming Interface.” It refers to a set of lines of code that any developer can incorporate into their website or app to access a service that the API provider provides. What is an SSL certificate? An “SSL Certificate”, also known as a “Digital Certificate” or “SSL Certificate”, is a digital file that is used to prove that the owner of a domain name or website is who they say they are and that all data transfers between the website visitor and the website owner are secure.  In other words, it encrypts data transmitted via Internet. For SMBs operating e-commerce platforms, SSL provides a trust signal with significant positive repercussions on conversion rates, as shown by various studies. How does an SSL checker API work? It functions similarly to any other API: the application issues a call to the API server and awaits a reply with the requested information. In this case, the application asks for a list of all of the SSL certificates associated with a domain name. Then, the checker API sets out to find them and return them to the application with all of the necessary information. The three most crucial aspects of an SSL checker API are as follows: Verification: A domain name or SSL certificate must be verified before it can be inspected to determine whether it conforms with industry standards or not. Validation: This is where we search for data about a specific domain name or SSL certificate. We do so by examining public databases containing SSL certificates and domain names. Analysis: This step involves checking the domain you wish to examine against the database of SSL certificates and domain names using sophisticated computer algorithms to determine whether it matches one of them. If there is a match, you can assume that your domain or SSL certificate is associated with one of them. In this way, you can create a list of these elements that match your business requirements in order to notify your clients.What is Domain Reputation Score? Simply put, it refers to how risky your website may be considered by online users
Be able to verify and validate any SSL certificate present on a website. Receive extensive information about the host

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