How to create your own personalized avatar on Facebook in Spanish

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Create your own Avatar on Facebook

Avatar 3d

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Facebook allows you to create a 3D avatar to use as your profile image or as a sticker, although it is an option that is not very visible in the interface. To create it, follow these steps:

Go to a chat or post and tap the emoji icon.

Click on the Sticker icon.

When you see the notice "Use stickers of your avatar", click "Create your Avatar".

3D avatar stickers in Messenger

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When you do this, Facebook will take you to an editor that will allow you to gradually define the features of your 3D avatar on Facebook. Ideally, it should look a lot like you, and so you can take a good reference, the company has enabled an option in the upper right part of the editor that allows you to use the front camera as a mirror.

3D Avatar Skin Tone

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How could it be otherwise, Facebook has made an effort to have great possibilities in terms of representation, which is why it has added multiple shapes, skin tones and features, such as wrinkles. Now, it depends on how realistic you want it to be.

3D avatar facial lines

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You will start by choosing the skin tone and then move on to the way she has her hair, where you can choose between short, medium and long between very varied hairstyles. After this, it is the turn to choose the face, along with its complexion and the lines of the face, such as wrinkles.
In the eyes, you can also choose its type, color and makeup, although in this last category there are not too many options.

3D avatar caps

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Eyebrows and facial hair are also categories to define, and just like hair, you can not only choose its shape, but also its color.
Finally, it is the turn of the accessories, which range from glasses to the clothes worn by the avatar or a hat, cap or scarf, from which you can also choose a color. In addition, in the final section, there is a collection of other accessories such as earrings, piercings or the traditional Indian Bindi.

Avatar 3D Pose

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Go to your profile.

3D avatar menu

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How to use stickers based on your avatar

3D avatar stickers

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When creating a 3D avatar on Facebook, a series of sitckers will be automatically created that you can use indiscriminately in any section of the app that allows you to put other types of stickers.

3D avatar sticker on WhatsApp

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These stickers will appear next to the rest of the packs, and your face will be the one that images the pack icon. Also, if you hold down, you can see a preview of each of the stickers to observe them better.

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