How To Integrate A Can I Use Facebook API For Free Into Your Website

Can I Use API is a tool, very creative and simple to use, that lets you create this type of content in a few clicks. It generates a list of options for you to choose from. Its function is to save you time and effort when creating any type of content for your company, in this case Facebook ads. You no longer have to think about or search through different options. This API will do it all for you! 
This API will take care of everything for you: it does most of the work for you and can be applied to any website, blog or store in just a few minutes. Another positive point is that it supports multiple platforms and works with various programming languages like JSON and PYTHON. It also has a very intuitive interface so that it does not take much time or money getting used to it. You can use this API for free for up to 100 requests per month! 

How does the Can I Use API work? 

To start working with this API, simply enter your company name into the search bar. Then the API will give you a list of suggestions on what else to use as keywords. 
This is where things get interesting; you have the option to choose between different types of keywords that are related to your company or product. You will receive related words or phrases in alphabetical order after entering your company name or keywords. The number of results that are returned will depend on you choice: if you enter more keywords, more will be returned. 
This gives you an advantage when creating new campaigns because you can get hundreds of different options in just a few clicks! That’s why we recommend using this API at the start of your campaign so you can get great ideas from it . . . Save at least 30 seconds per day on this task saving more valuable time on other aspects of your business! See how easy it is? 

Where does Can I Use API work? On both

Be able to create ads on the fly with this API. Provide it with your company name and a short description and receive a lot of alternatives to use.

You can check Facebook Ad Creator API for free here.

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