How To Integrate A Does Postman Check SSL Certificate API Into Your Website

Certificate Checker API is a tool one can use to ensure that the certificates one finds on their own website are secure. As a result, you will likewise be able to assess whether the certificates you have installed on your own site are correct and secure. Additionally, you will be able to provide your users with a secure and dependable environment for visiting your website.

These three common uses are just some suggestions of the many benefits Certificate Checker API brings to the table. The best part? It is so straightforward that anyone can use it.

Know whether your SSL certificate is valid and secure

A tool called SSL certificates can be used to encrypt data sent over the internet and prove to users that they are connected to your website rather than another one that might look similar. However, there are numerous different SSL certificates, and many of them are unsafe.

You should examine your SSL certificate’s expiry date and cryptographic key strength to determine whether it remains safe and secure. If it does not, then you must replace it with a new one quickly before hackers compromise your website or users’ personal information.

How does Certificate Checker API achieve this?

The following certificate verification procedures should be followed during an SSL handshake:

The client presents its own certificate to the server in a Certificate message during the TLS handshake.

The server verifies the client’s certificate chain in the same message.

The server sends its own certificate to the client in a Certificate message during the TLS handshake.

The client verifies its own TLS certificate chain in the same message.

Then, every time data is exchanged during a TLS session over HTTPS, both parties check each other’s TLS certificates using these procedures.

Checking whether a website has an SSL certificate

You can ask any of your customers to visit your website using the following steps:

Choose “

Be able to verify and validate any SSL certificate present on a website. Receive extensive information about the host

You can check SSL Certificate Checker API for free here.

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