How To Integrate A Google Chart API Into Your Website

The data can be organized in a variety of ways, but the most common arrangement is in a table or a list.  Data tables are useful because they provide a clear and concise way to display information.  They allow data to be easily read and comprehended.  Tables can be used to organize and display your data in a variety of ways.  For example, you may use a table to display the best times for your employees to work or the number of customers you have at different times of the day.   You may use a table to present your company’s financial data or sales data.  These tables are known as “spreadsheets”.  

What are tables?

Tables are used to organize data in rows and columns. Each row in a table contains related data about a particular subject, and each column contains particular information about that subject. When used properly, tables can make your data more accessible and understandable. The following example uses a table to outline the different types of cats:
Columns: Name, Type, Weight, Color, Color Love Rows: Queenie, Feline, 22lbs, Brown Tabby, Gray tabby
It is very important that you do not use too many columns in your tables because it makes them difficult to read and understand. For example, while there are many things that you may want to know about cats, including their love of food and color, you do not need more than two columns to display this data. 

Where can I find tables?

Tables can be found almost everywhere; from books and magazines to the internet and even on TV! It is important to keep in mind that not all tables are created the same way; there are many different formats for organizing data into tables. Generally, you will find tables in the text of books or on websites; however, they are also frequently used on television programs as well. In order to recognize a table in text format, you will see that it has a consistent pattern of rows and columns with content inside each cell. In this lesson we will provide an example of where you will find a table on the internet; Google Analytics Dashboard  

What is Google Chart API?

Developers use APIs (Application Programming Interface) to access their application’s capabilities or those of other applications. The Google Chart API is a service that allows developers to create charts and graphs dynamically from within web pages or applications. The API has several chart
Generate charts (images base64) based on your JSON objects. Be able to visualize your data with this API.

You can check JSON to Chart Image API for free here.

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