How To Integrate A Image Moderation API Free Into Your Website

Be able to keep up with your website. Be able to meet current demands. Be able to grow your company by following the latest trends in some sort of media.
Is there any other way that can be useful? Yes, but first you have to know what a Image Moderation API is. 

What Is An Image Moderation API?

A tool for content moderation is an Image Moderation API. This technology aids in identifying and classifying images, detecting and filtering out any explicit content. There are lots of ways to use this API. For example, if you want to moderate images, you would have to do it trough the Image Moderation API‘s endpoint. In this case, the image moderation API would be extremely useful. 
Because if you go through it, you will have access to a list of all the words that can be included in an image and if they are not acceptable or not. This way any type of digital content will be filtered out and won’t appear in your platforms. How can that happen? 

How Is An Image Moderation API Free?

First of all, you need to know how an Image Moderation API works: The platform will receive the URL of the image you want to moderate and provide a response with all the words that can appear in it and with a percentage of confidence. 
First, the image moderation API will analyze the image and its data with its AI system. After that, it will determine whether or not the detected object is related to any of the predefined categories by checking the similarity between them (the higher the confidence score, the closer they are). 
Finally, it returns a list of detected objects and their confidence scores (this value varies from 0 to 1, with 0 indicating no match). The response will also include a confidence score for each object detected by the model in order for you to use your own judgement in whether or not to censor them. 

How Is An Image Moderation API Useful?

All this kind of content would affect the user experience and could be offensive
Be able to detect any improper words in a given image. Be able to filter any unwished content on your platforms.

You can check Text Moderation in Images API for free here.

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