How To Integrate A What Is API In CAPTCHA Into Your Website

This API will be useful for websites that want to avoid spam. This way, the data will be retrieved in a text format.
This API will also be useful for people with disabilities that do not see the visual captcha.

This way, everyone will benefit from this API. 

Let´s see how it is easy to integrate this API into your website. 

What Is An API? What Is An OCR API? 

How To Integrate A What Is API In CAPTCHA Into Your Website? 
The first thing you need to do is find an OCR API that works best for your website and works with the programming language your website uses. After that, it is just a simple integration process. Different APIs work differently so I will explain in details how you can integrate this one into your website.  APIs work by providing certain functions that then, your website asks from it. You have to let the API know what function you want from it and how you want it to respond. So, the first thing we need to do is sign up for the Optical Character Recogntion API. Then, a unique combination of letters and numbers will be provided as an access key. This key lets any of your websites access the API so it can retrieve its functions.When an URL with a CAPTCHA appears on your website, just add the URL link of your captcha there and it will be processed. The answer will be sent right after!  The fact that this particular OCR API works with different programming languages makes integration easy! This way website can choose their favorite one and still
This API will retrieve the data from an audio captcha and retrieve it as text.

You can check Audio Captcha Solver API for free here.

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