How To Integrate A Zerobounce Pricing API Into Your Website

We provide a complete set of tools and information to generate valid and reliable email addresses. We also provide a score that helps you determine the quality of your list, while our IP Reputation tool allows you to see which of your IPs may be blacklisted or marked as spam.

How does the email checker work?

Possible functionality: email validation and email address lifespan.

Potential Use Cases:

A marketing company may use the Email Validation API to check whether an email address is valid or not. This is essential if you want to save time and money by not sending emails to invalid email addresses. A marketing company may also use this API to find out how long an email address has been active. 
What is an API? What does a URL look like? What are standard API call parameters? What are the API’s outcomes? Etc.
A web-based software interface called an API (application programming interface) allows two applications to communicate with each other. They might share data, request (and get) services, and more thanks to this interface. 
When you visit a website, your browser downloads the site’s code and displays the content as requested by your request. The same happens when you visit a third-party website using an app on your computer or mobile device; only in this case, your browser downloads what’s known as JavaScript code, which is controlled by the app maker. 
 An API acts as a middleman between these two requests and returns the content requested by the site/app in its response. Think of it like a waiter taking your order from the menu, then going into the kitchen to get what you ordered and returning with it to your table.  
An API acts as a sort of traffic controller or middleman between these two requests; rather than having your browser request code directly from the website you’re visiting (which it can’t), it requests it from the API (which can). 

How are APIs used?

APIs are used in all kinds of contexts, but they’re especially useful in situations where information needs to be shared across different systems, websites, or apps. When you visit Google and search for something, they’re using an API that connects their search engine with your browser.  
In instances where you need information from more than one system or website available across more than one system or website,
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