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At the start of WWDC, Apple reveals what will be new in iOS 16, iPad OS 16, watchOS 9 and Apple CarPlay from autumn.
As expected, Apple provided a broad foretaste of its upcoming operating systems at the start of its own developer conference WWDC 2022. The one for Mac computers will not be called "Mammoth" as expected, but "Ventura". However, the news started with iOS 16. The next operating system for iPhones will be available from autumn. It focuses on sharing, new AI functions and personalization. You can read the chronological course of the event here.

Customizable lock screen

The lock screen (lock screen) will be able to appear in many different layouts in the future. Fonts, colors and positions of widgets will be very easy to choose yourself. You can also design several different lock screens and switch them with a swipe gesture. Live Activity is a new widget that lets you keep track of things in real time on the lock screen, such as sporting events or the arrival of a ride-hailing car. The lockscreens can also be connected to the focus function. If you don't want to be disturbed by certain notifications, you can choose your own lock screen for these situations.
The lock screen can be changed depending on the Focus mode that is set


Edit messages later

There will be three new features in the Messages app. With iOS 16, for example, messages that you have just sent can be edited afterwards. But you can also delete them completely. Particularly clever: You can also mark messages as unread, even though you have read them, so as not to give the sender false hope that you will reply soon. The SharePlay function allows you to play films or songs together with other users of the news app and chat in real time.
With Live Text, Apple offers something in iOS 16 that Android users already know as Google Lens. For example, you can quickly translate text in images and convert currencies. It should also be possible to use AI to extract elements from the image and insert them into messages. A new dictation function is said to recognize voice input better than ever and keeps the keyboard in view, which means that incorrectly recognized text can be manually corrected immediately.


Sharing and control over the family

Speaking of family: Family Sharing is intended to make it easier for parents to set up new devices for their children and to maintain control over which child can do and see what exactly on their Apple device – the whole family should of course be equipped with it. Kids who want to exceed a pre-set screen time can send a notification to parents in the Messages app, and parents can take immediate action there.
Easily share a file with a workgroup across a variety of communication apps


IPad accelerates collaboration

Display multiple apps in overlapping windows on iPad


Apps in overlapping windows

A function that will also be available in the next macOS in the future will also be available on the iPad: Stage Manager. This allows apps to be displayed side by side or overlapping in windows. You can easily switch between up to 8 apps. Stage Manager also allows external displays to be connected to the iPad and windows to be freely distributed over the entire available screen area. The windows can obviously be resized.
Possible application of a tab group: A joint holiday research


Surf together and safer

In the future, you will be able to share open tabs with friends in the Safari browser. The tab groups can be edited by all members. Several of these tab groups can be displayed and described on the start page. Passkeys are designed to make surfing with Safari even more secure. These passkeys are stored only on the device and replace passwords when logging into websites. When logging in to a website, a QR code is scanned and the login is authenticated using FaceID or TouchID.

The Astronomy watch face on the Apple Watch


New look at the Apple Watch

watchOS 9 will be available for the Apple Watch in the fall. The Smartwatch operating system will include 4 new dials (Watch Faces). "Astronomy" will show the earth including the current position of the sun and cloudiness, "Moon" will show the relationship between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar. The training app has some new features for runners. About 3 new readings are collected for up and down movement, stride length and ground contact time.
Detailed information about your own sleep behavior


Tracking while running and sleeping

In the future, training courses can also be completely personalized and divided into several phases. You are informed acoustically, visually or haptically about the transition between the phases. A new type of training is also adapted to such transitions and is particularly interesting for triathletes.
With watchOS 9, sleep will also be tracked more closely in the future. After a night, wearers will be able to see when they were in which sleep phase. Heart patients can use a new atrial fibrillation protocol to give their doctors more accurate information. A new medication app helps to log the intake of medication and to point out any difficulties with medication combinations.
Apple CarPlay can be customized quite a bit – including different themes for the speedometer


CarPlay goes deeper into the car

Apple CarPlay is also renewed. Apple's infotainment platform, in cooperation with a number of car manufacturers, will be able to penetrate even deeper into the electronics of the vehicles and retrieve data in order to then display them as individually as possible on different screens. Via CarPlay you will be able to control the air conditioning or operate the on-board radio, among other things. A large number of widgets are intended to provide drivers with exactly the information they need in their field of vision.

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