iOS 16: These are the most exciting new features for iPhone users

Apple's software chief Craig Federighi introduced iOS 16. Image: keystone
Apple unveiled its iOS 16 mobile operating system at its developer conference, which will be available for iPhones later this year. We show the most exciting innovations at a glance.

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After a pandemic break of more than two years, Apple's annual developer conference WWDC took place live in California last Whit Monday.
Among other things, the US group presented the upcoming iOS 16, which can already be tested now and will be released later this year. iOS 16 focuses primarily on security, connectivity and personalization. The notifications are completely revised.
Here we show you the most exciting new features and the most important changes.

Lock screen and focus

In addition to this, widgets can now also be integrated – so everyone can put the information that is important to them on the appropriate screen – be it the weather, health data or information from other apps.
Another highlight are the revised notifications. Above all, Apple wanted to create more order with the revision. Instead of placing several notifications on top of each other, they can now also be displayed as an extended list. In addition, notifications no longer appear at the top, but at the bottom of the screen.
The "Focus" function, which can be used to set notification states tailored to the respective situation – for example for work, leisure or vacation – also benefits from the new customizable lock screens.
A separate lock screen can be created for each focus.


Many messaging apps already offer it, others like WhatsApp will soon have the function, and now Apple is following suit: when it comes to editing and retracting messages that have already been sent. This is how the in-house news app gets these new functions in iOS 16. There, sent messages can be edited within the first 15 minutes – or taken back entirely.
Sent messages can be edited or taken back – for 15 minutes.
In addition, Apple is improving connectivity – SharePlay can now also be started from the news, for example if you want to listen to a film on Netflix or a song on Apple Music with a contact at the same time. In addition, it is now easier to share notes, presentations and more – this is intended to improve collaboration.

And otherwise?

Apple has also announced innovations for Home, Health and other proprietary apps. The Home app has been fundamentally revised and now offers an even better overview than before of the smart home devices that are integrated into the app. In addition, all cameras in the home can now be viewed in one view.

The Home app has been completely revised.

There is a new tab for Health that is intended to provide an overview of the intake of medication. There the user can set when and how certain medications are to be taken. In addition, reminders can be set up so that no intake is forgotten.

Health now also reminds you to take medication.

The dictation function has also been improved – so you can dictate and display the keyboard at the same time and switch between the two options for text input at will. Emojis and punctuation marks can also be dictated.
Keyboard input and dictation function – with iOS 16 even at the same time.
Of course, that wasn't all the innovations in iOS 16. If you're looking for a complete overview of all the upcoming changes, you'll find a detailed presentation of all the new functions on Apple's topic page.

This was at the WWDC keynote:

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