It also works without CovPass: save the vaccination card on your cell phone

There are different ways to save your own vaccination card on your smartphone. We'll show you five alternatives to the CovPass app if you don't want to install it.
Since 2G, 2G-Plus or 3G rules apply in almost all areas of public life, the digital vaccination card is one of the most important documents of all.
The problem: To show the digital proof, the smartphone first has to be unlocked and the app opened, which is a laborious process. Another point of criticism from many users: If you wear a mask, you need additional time to unlock the device with the code instead of using face recognition.
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On the other hand, it is more practical: Call up the QR code either directly as a widget on the home screen or even faster directly from the lock screen. And if you prefer to carry the proof with you in physical form, you can use the so-called immune card.

Tip 1: Proof of vaccination on the immune card

Analogue instead of digital: The immune card prints the QR code as proof of vaccination on a check card.

Image: Zerbor/Getty Images/Immune Map

Tip 2: Vaccination card widget on the home screen on Android
It should be noted, however, that the CovPass app on Android prevents taking screenshots. Android users have to use the Corona-Warn-App here, because screenshots of the vaccination certificate can be created there without any problems.
Advantages Vaccination certificate on the Android home screen Widget can be placed anywhere Disadvantages Can not be displayed on the lock screen Cumbersome operation
Tip 3: Vaccination card widget on the home screen under iOS
The QR code of the vaccination certificate is always ready to hand on the home screen.

Image: CHIP

iOS users can also place widgets on the home screen since the update to iOS 14. The idea is therefore simple: Simply take a screenshot of the vaccination certificate from the CovPass or Corona-Warn-App and link it to a widget.
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This works, for example, with the free Widgetsmith app. The way it works is identical to the Android version. Alternatively, the widget can also be stored in the widget view on the far left instead of on the home screen. Access is then also possible when the device is locked directly from the lock screen. All you have to do is swipe from left to right when the device is locked and the widget is displayed.
Advantages Vaccination certificate on home screen and lock screen easy to use Disadvantages App interface not in German
Tip 4: Vaccination, test and proof of recovery in the Apple Wallet
With a swipe from left to right, the widget can also be called up from the lock screen. Alternatively, the vaccination certificate can be stored in the wallet app.

Image: CHIP

Of course, the issue of data protection also plays a major role. The developers state to CHIP that the processing of the data and the creation of the passport takes place entirely in the browser and that the user's sensitive data does not leave the respective device. A cryptographic hash of your data is only sent to the server for the signing step, so it should not be possible to read or save the data.
Practical: Even when locked, the wallet or vaccination card can be displayed by double-clicking on the side button. Significantly faster than opening an extra app and entering the code is also not necessary here. Apple Watch users can also find the pass on their smartwatch.
AdvantagesBest solution for multiple certificatesProvides evidence on the Apple Watchaccessible on home screen and lock screenDisadvantagesWallet card must be created via third party

Tip 5: Automatically display based on location

That works too: If you want to have your vaccination card displayed automatically when you are in a certain place – for example your favorite restaurant – you can use the Pass4Wallet app, which is also free.
Here the variant "Covid-Pass" is selected and the QR code of the vaccination certificate is scanned. In addition, so-called relevant locations can now also be specified here. If, for example, the favorite restaurant is selected, the next time you are in the specified area, the vaccination certificate is automatically displayed with quick access on the lock screen.
AdvantagesDesign adaptablecontains information such as name, vaccination date and Co. visible directly on the lock screenDisadvantagesGPS must always be activated

Useful information in the Corona age

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