It's decided, I'll return my PS card even if I don't have one

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For me who aspired to present myself to the deputation, it's grated, I pass my turn. However, I had obtained the support of the Socialist Party. My bouquet of roses was even ready. My posters too. I wanted to lead a dynamic campaign based around two strong axes: the end of discrimination against bald people and the establishment of social security for pets.
I was sure of my triumph when I learned of Olivier Faure's rallying to the so-called popular union led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Oh the traitor. Oh the bandit. Ah felon. Forty years of activism, of sticking up posters, distributing leaflets, to achieve this result, this unnatural alliance with a movement with which I have nothing in common, except the will to reduce by law what the circumstances of life have been able to generate as inequalities.
For the rest, everything separates me from the Insoumis. I don't have the cult of the people nor the love of violence. I feel no particular animosity towards those who are called the owners or the representatives of the elite of which I imagine that I must be a part. I don't think in terms of dominant/dominated. The very term "wokist" and the related ideology gives me nausea. And it would never have occurred to me to support a movement whose demands and mode of action were inspired by a good-natured Poujadism, a desire to do battle with the very foundations of our democracy. .
Above all, to associate my name with a union that intends to stop the delivery of arms to Ukraine, to dismiss NATO and Russia back to back, to take pleasure in an imbecile and dated Third Worldism, to betray the European project, would appear to be an act of unbearable cowardice. That a first secretary was able to agree with people ready to abandon Ukraine to its sad fate is an infamy which, in my eyes, marks the end of the Socialist Party as such, the renunciation of all its values.
I understand that the union is worth all the sacrifices but it is still necessary to be able to continue to look in the mirror. I have no kind of fascination with South American revolutions, with arbitrary confinement, the taste for authoritarian measures where, to defend the cause of the people and their suffering, one is ready to give up freedom, democracy , to the very existence of an opposition.
I don't like anything about the Insoumis, neither their bawling behavior nor even less their adolescent rhetoric where the people are represented in abundance as an empirically oppressed social body without giving any value to the individual responsibility of each one. I am not in the deification of the people any more than in the denunciation of the elites, this rhetoric shared with jealousy and brilliance with the extreme right.
Socialism is a compromise. A reasoned way of using politics, state intervention, to try to correct as much as possible the inequalities born of the circumstances of one's birth, of the environment in which one grew up. To be with those whom life has damaged. To repair injustices through a more egalitarian redistribution of public money. To work for the good of all without distinction of class or race. And without having any illusions about the incredible complexity of the task when we refuse to adopt measures so radical that in the end, they would contribute to impoverishing the underprivileged classes a little more.
Without resorting to perpetual invective. Without sinking into Manichaeism, populism, excessive ideology where, obsessed by the accuracy of one's fight, one is ready for all compromises, all renunciations to achieve one's ends. To endlessly hysterize the debate. To exalt this share of violence that lies dormant in each of us in order to take to the streets what democratic expression, the vote, has refused to concede to us.
It is for all these reasons and many more that I will not have words harsh enough to describe Olivier Faure's attitude. Like Chamberlain in his time, he will only be rewarded with defeat and dishonor. With incredible levity, guided by the sole imperative of saving a few miserable seats, he will have insulted the past, flouted the future, compromised the present, trampled on the very values he was supposed to embody.
Also, you will better understand why I decided to give up the deputation.

It is a matter of conscience.

And too bad for the bald and the reimbursement of veterinary care!

It will be for the next legislature.

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