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Jasper (ex Jarvis): Artificial intelligence for content creation in 2022

It’s been a year since I received Jarvis (now called Jasper) in my inbox and since then, I haven’t written a single content post (at least not from scratch). It’s amazing how my ventures have become thanks to Jasper, which was designed to help me with the creative process of the posts and the production of the content for my blogs, although it can also help creating scripts for YouTube or even Ads for social networks. I now have more free time to focus on conversions because has freed me from the responsibility of having to write content every day! Let’s take a closer look at the most powerful copywriting tool on the market. Note: This tool works perfectly in Spanish and you can create content in this language, so don’t worry 😉

What is

Jasper or Jarvis is a copywriting and SEO tool that can help you write content for your business blogs in long-form or short-form format. In other words, you can create content for different types of things, whether you need a lot of words or just a few, but with a copywriting approach that catches and converts. Creating content with intelligence is how you get results in less time. I’m a blogger, and I have many projects that involve writing content (one of them is this), in addition to my team of editors, tools like make a difference and that’s why in this post I’m going to tell you step by step how the tool works .

How does this copywriting tool work?

The tool has several functionalities:

Generate titles, descriptions and headlines to make your content more impressive. It works in more than 11 different languages (yes, it includes Spanish). Its artificial intelligence is capable of adjusting the tone of your brand. Their content editor makes sure to add the keywords you need to rank (or at least try) in the SERP’s search results. Lastly, accept multiple metadata for your content to be indexed by Google. There aren’t many tools that tick all the boxes, and does it extremely smartly and efficiently.

Let’s see an example of how it works.

1. You select the content style you want

To start you have 2 options, you can choose to start from 0, or you can also start by creating a blog post (which is the main functionality of the tool): If we start from scratch we can choose what we want to create and there is a huge list of copies that Jarvis can create:

Among them the most important are:

Long-form content such as blog articles according to the theme you want. Description of products for e-commerces, emails or social networks.

Titles and descriptions for Facebook Ads.

Descriptions, titles and ideas for Google My Business. Description of products for Amazon (ideal for affiliate marketing).

Youtube titles, descriptions and scripts.

Emails in its broadest definition.

SEO: Titles, meta descriptions and content in general.

Descriptions and titles for Pinterest.

And much more, even names for companies. As an example, let’s say that we start with a blog post and that we want to create digital marketing content for this same Ranker blog.

2. You describe the content you want to create

In order for the artificial intelligence robot to be able to create content, you must give it some information: In this case, we have said that we want to write a blog post for this same tool and I have given it 3 keywords that I want to promote at the SEO level. We click continue and we go to the next step.

3. Choosing the title of your content

It’s time to choose the title of your content. Thanks to the information provided in the previous step, Jarvis is able to give you suggestions just by clicking on “Generate Ideas”: These are the suggestions he has given me. Personally there are many that I like but I will keep the second as an example and I will optimize it by adding the year: Now that we have our title it is time to move on to the next and last step before starting with the blog article.

4. Initial paragraph of the content

It is amazing the importance of the introduction of a blog post. Its importance is such that there are studies that prove that engaging in this part of the content is essential for users to continue reading it. That’s why places special emphasis on making this part of the content the best it can be: As in the previous step, the tool generates introductory paragraph ideas based on copywriting strategies so you can get off to a good start. I have loved the first content that it has generated so that will be my introductory paragraph (which you can also modify at will). We click continue and the Jarvis editor opens, and here the real magic of artificial intelligence for blog content begins.

How effective is Jasper?

The work that Jasper does has made me a more creative and productive person because I have artificial intelligence at my disposal to write content with the right tone, perfectly optimized titles and the necessary keywords. Also, thanks Jasper I am ranking much faster in SEO with some personal projects, and I really stop worrying about the content being generated 100% by a person. Note: The previous paragraph for example has been generated with 🙂

What is Boss Mode?’s Boss Mode allows you to generate unlimited content and is highly recommended for anyone who can afford it. We use it in Ranker and in various SEO projects, it works like a charm:

It’s brutal what the tool can do!

The tool has 3 plans:

Jasper Starter, Jasper Pro and Boss Mode are the 3 plans. The first one is priced at $29 per month per user which allows you to generate 20,000 words per month. Jasper Pro is the version I used before Boss Mode appeared in my projects, and it allows you to generate long-form copy, create automatic blog posts, books, and whatever. Because of this this version has unlimited words. The Boss Mode option currently costs 10 USD per month more than the PRO version and includes Jarvis typing 2 times easier and being able to use voice commands to give orders to the artificial intelligence robot.


The Jasper platform can help you generate content, even if you don’t have much time for it. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs. This type of tool added to a good and deep keyword research can help a lot, not only to generate visits to your websites but also to increase your income. This particular copywriting tool can set you apart from your competitors and can give you a huge advantage. If you try it, tell us your opinion in the comments!

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