Jeans in the test: well-known brands fail

06/25/2022 19:13

Simone Finkle

Jeans are classic and popular. Everyone has at least one pair of pants in their closet. When it comes to trousers, many rely on well-known brands such as Levi's or Diesel instead of fast fashion from Zara or H&M.
A jeans test from Switzerland now shows that expensive brands are not always better. Here the experts from K-Tipp (Issue 2/2022) put a total of 16 jeans through their paces. These include eight models for men and eight models for women. The focus of the test was not the look of the pants, but rather how robust they are and how long they can be kept in their original condition. In addition to the abrasion test, criteria such as shrinkage and color changes after washing and drying or discoloration of the trousers were also tested.
Expensive and well-known brands in particular do not do well in the test. But the fast fashion models also suffer from the test conditions. After 20 washes at 40 degrees Celsius, all 16 trousers were no longer the same length and width as when they were new. The men's trousers are particularly affected and die faster in the test than the women's models.

Jeans in the test: the winners & losers

The Levi's 501 Original scored the worst in the test.

Sven Hoppe/dpa

Men's jeans tested

As already mentioned, the brand name and price of the pants have no real impact on the quality of the pants. Well-known brands of jeans only scored "unsatisfactory" in the test. Unlike here in Germany (grade 6), this corresponds to grade 4 in the system of the test procedure. The following pants are not convincing:
Levi's 501 Original for around 100 euros Esprit Jeans Slim Crafted Quality for around 60 eurosD-Strukt Slim from Diesel for around 150 euros
But not all tested men's jeans perform so poorly. The test winner with the rating "very good" is the Jack & Jones Comfort Mike for around 50 euros (to AboutYou).

Women's jeans tested

Gen Jeans Mid Waist Straight by Pepe Jeans for around 90 eurosDenim Collection Mid Rise Skinny Fit by Zara for around 30 eurosParis Jeans Skinny High Waist by Chicoreé
The test winner with the rating "good" is the women's model, the Lhana Skinny Jeans from G-Star Raw from around 30 euros (to Amazon).

Fast fashion vs. sustainability

On the other hand, there are now many so-called eco-fashion labels that rely on sustainable production and renewable raw materials or recycled materials. We have already selected some of these fashion labels for you:

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