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Based on this observation, the French Embassy in Senegal and the General Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship for Women and Youth (Der/FJ), in partnership with the French Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance) and the AFD Group ( French Development Agency), have decided to set up a system.
"This project aims to support Senegal in its desire to become the hub of innovation and the digital economy of French-speaking Africa, to support the visibility of this ecosystem and its close connection to its international environment. , in particular financial, a necessary condition to anchor its attractiveness, and to allow long-term sustainability of its dynamism”, specifies the note.
With this in mind, the project leaders will rely on four main axes. The first step will be to federate the Senegalese tech ecosystem and increase its visibility with the African and European investor communities to facilitate its access to financing and new business opportunities.
Then, to increase the chances of successful fundraising for Senegalese start-ups, especially those run by women, by structuring their economic model.
Support offers from Senegalese incubators and accelerators on funding files will also be structured. Similarly, the upskilling and visibility of networks of investors in Senegal, […], in order to increase their capacity and level of investment in young Senegalese start-ups, will be consolidated.
Finally, the project plans to support financing and co-investment for the development and scaling up of start-ups by setting up dedicated financing.
At the end of the project, the document informs, Senegal's innovation ecosystem will have technological hubs, incubators with enhanced skills to effectively pursue their mission of supporting the development of start-ups in the country.
This ecosystem will benefit from the presence of networks of structured local investors with increased investment capacities. Also, there will be more investment and fundraising opportunities for young innovative companies.

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