#LeBrief – March 29, 2022 edition

Bercy detailed, on a dedicated page, “economic aid” for the French sector of reconditioning telephones and tablets.
The amount of this boost is 8 euros per refurbished tablet or phone, put on the market from July 1, 2021. It is limited to 200,000 euros per company, with an overall envelope of 15 million euros. "Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis," warns the Minister of the Economy.
As noted in our article, this aid was decided to calm the rumble of refurbishers, by compensating for their payment to the cultural industries of the private copying levy (RCP) on these devices.
The page does not build a bridge with this RCP, but the device struggles to hide a magical cancellation: the fee has been in effect since July 1, 2021. It applies to refurbished tablets and phones. It is 7.20 € for 32 to 64 GB of storage, 8.40 euros beyond…
A way to lighten the bill for companies in the sector, without offending the cultural industries which will be able to collect their financial flows on reconditioned products, aided by the State and ultimately financed by taxpayers.
Company president Gwynne Shotwell told Reuters that the company has finished manufacturing its fourth and (so far final) habitable capsule. She nevertheless continues to build some components, necessary for the repair of Crew Dragon.
As a reminder, the capsules are used to make a round trip to the astronauts. Like the Falcon 9 rockets, they are refurbished and used for other missions. With four Crew Dragon, SpaceX therefore believes that it has enough to ensure its rotations.
If necessary, other habitable capsules could be built in the future. In the meantime, this allows the company to focus on its major fully reusable launcher project: Starship.
The professions of faith will be sent by post in the next few days. The impatient will already be able to consult these declarations in electronic version on the site of the CNCCEP (or "National Commission for the control of the electoral campaign with a view to the presidential election").
Three versions are available: a general version of the declaration (PDF), mirror of the one sent by La Poste in paper version, an audio version and a version in FALC language (Easy To Read and Understand). “This version is intended for people with disabilities or with comprehension difficulties. It favors the use of common words and the use of short sentences associating pictograms with the text”.
“The obligation for electoral candidates to produce a version of their statement written in a language intended for people with disabilities or who have difficulty understanding is a novelty”. It is “now listed in article R. 38-1 of the electoral code and is now applicable to all elections”, specifies the CNCCEP.
However, the FALC versions by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Valérie Pecresse and Fabien Roussel are missing.
ESA begins by recalling that, "although the 2022 launch window for the mission is no longer possible following the suspension of cooperation with Roscosmos, the system qualification review and flight acceptance of the mission s took place as planned in March".
While the rover is already four years behind schedule, it is ready for the mission: "The review board confirmed that the spacecraft would have been ready for expedition in time to reach the site of launch, and that the program had sufficient margin", for a launch from September 20, 2022.
Now, the elements of ExoMars "are being prepared for storage at a Thales Alenia Space site in Italy, pending further instructions". "An accelerated industrial study will now begin to better define the options available for implementing the ExoMars rover mission on a future launch."
Remember that missions to Mars have a launch window that only opens every two years, when the fourth planet in the Solar System is closest to us.
The European Space Agency wants to move as quickly as possible: “Teams are looking for the earliest possible launch depending on how quickly technologies can be developed to support a mission led by Europe, or in collaboration with other international partners, the availability of compatible launchers and a site".
“I hope our member states will decide that this is not the end of ExoMars, but rather a rebirth of the mission, perhaps serving as a trigger to develop more European autonomy”, explains David Parker, director of human and robotic exploration at ESA.
Meanwhile, ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) is still in orbit around Mars and continues to relay data from the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers, as well as the Insight lander. "TGO has considerable fuel on board, which means it could also support ExoMars rover data relay in the future, as well as the Mars Sample Return campaign."
It would be “the most significant upgrade since the release of its initial platform”. Clearview says its new platform "comes with training for registered users and additional verification steps to ensure the tool is used legally and for its intended investigative purposes."
Clearview AI 2.0 would additionally offer “image enhancement tools that allow investigators to use images previously considered unusable”:
“With Clearview AI 2.0, images with facial occlusions, those with low light and those with lower resolution are now more usable. It also offers enhanced workflow tracking and comprehensive reporting capabilities that enable tight administrative oversight to help limit privacy breaches and policing excesses. »
Clearview AI also prides itself on having “obtained a U.S. patent for its unique facial recognition algorithm, which performed almost flawlessly in the recent National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), ranking #1 in the United States and top 10 worldwide in all categories”.
The Federal Aviation Administration was originally due to submit its “Programmatic Environmental Assessment” (or PEA) for the Boca Chica base in Texas on March 28, but it has just postponed its posting online for a month.
This is not the first time that such a postponement has been announced. The final PEA was expected for the end of December 2021 then postponed to February 28, then to March 28 and now to the end of April. Again, the FAA will take advantage of this additional time "to take into account the review of comments and ongoing interagency consultations."
SpaceX has a fallback if needed: The company has clearance for Cape Canaveral, but that would require building a new launch tower, which would take months.
Elon Musk said he was “very confident” about putting Starship into orbit this year. The fully reusable rocket is already several months late since it was supposed to fly last July, then in January or February 2022.
Starship: SpaceX details the plan for its future orbital flight with the Super Heavy booster
Windows Update is currently showing an optional update stamped 22000.593 (KB5011563). She was in the Beta test channel a few weeks ago.
It should be deployed during the next Patch Tuesday, but it is possible to get it now.
Considered stable, it brings a long series of fixes to the system, in addition to a novelty: the possibility of displaying up to four notifications at the same time, three of high priority and one normal. High priority is reserved for applications managing calls, reminders or alarms.
The corrections provided are numerous: UWP applications no longer launching automatically after an update, SystemSettings.exe which could crash, searchindexer.exe which sometimes no longer did its job, too long a start-up time in the case of 5G equipment, an unstable Remote Desktop Service when the number of connected users exceeds 100, etc.
As often in this kind of list, many problems are very specific and only appear under specific conditions.
Only one known issue on this update, but one that has been dragging for a while: Recovery discs created with the Backup and Restore utility may fail to boot on Windows 11 that received the January 11 patches or newer. .
A very specific problem, because the utility in question dates from Windows 7 and is not highlighted anywhere by Windows 11.

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