Like Tinder, just curated: mediates developer jobs via algorithm

Some of the best-known coding streamers in Germany will be offering daily live streams on technology, software architecture and code concepts on stackstream from March 24th to 31st, 2022. The event features Learning and Teaching, Problem Solving, Code Challenge, Pair Programming and Open Chat rooms.
Among other things, there are streams with Q&A sessions on programming, information about the first semester in computer science studies, tips for web development, basics in TailwindCSS, game development and shared coding units as well as a stream for training deep learning networks. Morpheus Tutorials, Mr. Luchs, Joeel56, Adam Younis and Patrycija Tyra, among others, will participate with sessions. Overall, the streamers involved and thus stackstream as well could potentially reach an audience of up to 1.7 million followers during the event.
Launch Festival: Live coding at stackstream starting March 24th
On the other hand, if you want to join or use the chat, you have to register briefly (e.g. using Google or GitHub). Technically, stackstream is a mixture of Discord, Twitch and Stack Overflow and was developed by, a provider for AI-supported job matching in software development.

Who with whom: job matching by algorithm

Matchcard from, a developer job placement portal (generic example)

A graph algorithm is at the heart of the platform, and the recommendation engine uses it to match developer profiles with jobs. According to its founders, the platform has set itself the goal of supporting developers who are latently looking for better jobs in order to achieve their professional and private goals in the long term. According to Sayin, companies are currently looking for skilled workers, particularly at an intermediate and advanced level. Senior developers are the actual target group of the platform and the focus is on what they intrinsically want to achieve.
Look at a developer profile (fictitious example from the tour at

Senior developers and CEOs as well as founders in focus
At, developers can create a profile with their own preferences (here is a fictitious example from the tour).

How someone imagines their own future and how much the professional is to be weighted against the private can be recorded in a differentiated way in the profile. The starting point for the matching is the question of what is personally important to the developers – their stated preferences for various areas of occupation, qualifications, desired tech stack at the employer including methods and hardware, mastered and sought-after programming languages, their own skills in it, team, home office or Office, management style, future and private life lead to corresponding hits. If both sides agree after the matching, they can contact each other directly.
This is how a contact could look like if there is a fit (fictitious example) – the founder who was looking for employees had saved the text as a template.

Text templates are available within the platform, tickets to the HR or development department of a matched company can be created, and there is also a chat option with (future) colleagues. The platform offers separate access for developers and companies. Due to the automation, the offer should be cheaper than the competition and also affordable for start-ups, says Sayin in an interview. CEOs are just as much a target group for her as people in their position, i.e. founders and co-founders. An integration with the recruiting software Personio is available to employers when looking for employees.

Additional information

If you want to learn more or get a test account, you can do so on the website. Around 250 companies are currently using to recruit without a headhunter. According to Manuela Sayin, the platform currently connects around 40 developers and companies per week, understands technical relations, is supposed to learn with its users and, according to her, has been growing since it was founded. The founder Manuela Sayin has a background in the financial industry, where she worked as an authorized signatory and manager before The start-up completed a first round of financing in November 2021 and received one million euros in venture capital.

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