Mercedes EQS SUV: the most luxurious electric adds seven seats and 660 kilometers of autonomy

Mercedes has unveiled its new electric SUV. The Mercedes EQS SUV will bring the maximum luxury to this type of bodywork, including the immense Hyperscreen that will once again be the protagonist of the passenger compartment with its 141 centimeters in length.

Technical sheet of the Mercedes EQS SUV

Mercedes EQS SUV

Body type.

Five or seven seater SUV.

Measurements and weight.

5,125 mm long, 1,959 mm wide and 1,718 mm high. 3,210mm wheelbase.


645 liters with five seats and 565 liters with seven seats.

Maximum power.

400 kW

WLTP consumption.

Between 18.6 and 24.0 kWh depending on the version chosen.

DGT environmental label.

Zero emissions.

Driving aids .

Adaptive cruise control with emergency braking, lane keeping and blind spot sensor. Cross traffic alert and parking aid


Hyperscreen display 141 centimeters wide made up of three OLED screens (a central 17.7-inch screen and two twin 12.3-inch screens for pilot and co-pilot). Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Artificial intelligence MBUX system. Burmester 3D sound system.

Electric hybrid

Do not.

Plug-in hybrid.

Do not.


Yes. Permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM) with 265 kW (355 hp) or 400 kW (536 hp). Maximum autonomy of 660 kilometers.

Price and launch.

To be confirmed.

Mercedes EQS SUV, with all the luxury of the saloon
The SUV version of the Mercedes EQS has already been unveiled. And it does so following the lines that the German firm has proposed for its electric models: give priority to rounded shapes and try to make the most of aerodynamics to achieve the greatest possible autonomy. In fact, a Mercedes GLS is 10 centimeters taller than this electric SUV, but, obviously, it is much less efficient, with a cx coefficient of 0.32 for the 0.20 that this new electric SUV is capable of achieving.
Only in this way can the Mercedes EQS SUV homologate a maximum autonomy of 660 kilometers, but that is still far from the 743 kilometers available with the most capable sedan version (although the latter with less power). These data will be available with the 265 kW (355 hp) engine and drive version. The version of this engine with all-wheel drive promises 613 kilometers, the same as the most powerful option, 400 kW (536 hp).
But it will be inside the passenger compartment where the Mercedes EQS SUV shines the most. The new electric model receives the Hyperscreen screen for the dashboard, with an extension of 141 centimeters wide and made up of three screens. The instrument panel and the copilot's screen are 12.3 inches and the central one is 17.7 inches. All of them with OLED technology and Zero-Layer structure, which ensures that you have the most important menus at hand, without having to dive into them.
This infotainment space is managed by the brand's MBUX artificial intelligence system, is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and uses up to 24 GB of RAM to ensure smooth operation. In addition, it is accompanied by the Head-up Display with augmented reality function for the driver, which projects virtual images above the hood at a simulated distance of 10 meters.
OTA wireless updates will also be available as an option and these will be able to expand the equipment of the vehicle despite having already purchased the car, "unlocking" new functionalities. In fact, the Mercedes EQS SUV comes with a turning angle for the rear wheels of 4.5 degrees, but by updating it can even be extended to 10 degrees. It also opens the possibility to add features such as sports driving parameters or mini-games to enjoy on the Hyperscreen.
As for ADAS and driving assistance systems, the Mercedes EQS SUV has adaptive cruise control that, in addition, adapts acceleration if the amount of available battery that we want to have at the destination is specified. It is accompanied by the blind spot sensor, lane maintenance, emergency braking, active steering assistant with evasive maneuver or cross traffic alert.
In addition, for greater safety, the electric SUV incorporates the Digital Light headlights as an option. These use in each headlamp a lighting module with three high-power LEDs and 1.3 million miniature mirrors, which reflect and refract light. A control unit with a powerful graphics processor streams an image to the mirrors via a connection similar to an HDMI interface. And on the ground, the vehicle projects an image in which it alerts the driver of road works, pedestrians on the shoulder or anticipates traffic lights, STOP signs or prohibited directions.
As for its price and launch in Europe, there are no official details yet. For now, the first market to receive this Mercedes EQS SUV will be the United States.

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