Microsoft outperforms Apple: which browser really wins the race among users

Microsoft's browser Edge is performing better and better and now even outperforms Apple in the current ranking. We tell you which browsers are used most frequently on which desktop devices and smartphones.
You don't actually have to actively install a browser, because almost all devices already have one. Windows comes with Edge, Android with Chrome, Safari is pre-installed on iPhones and if you get a Samsung cell phone, you get the Samsung browser. But since we spend a lot of time in the browser, it's a good idea to stock up on the right program or app here.
The range of browsers on the market is huge and each manufacturer has its own advantages and disadvantages. But which browsers are actually the best for users? The current figures from Statcounter provide an answer to this. If you look at the worldwide conditions on the desktop, there is a clear number 1 with Chrome. The Google browser has a market share of around 67 percent.

Popular desktop browsers worldwide

The new Edge with Chromium substructure is now being delivered with Windows 10.


Microsoft's Edge browser has recently taken second place behind Chrome, overtaking the Safari browser preinstalled on Apple devices. Firefox only manages fourth place.
Biggest winner in the market share game and also relevant again for Windows users: Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser is becoming popular with more and more users. Edge is now in second place for the first time, ahead of Safari and Firefox. It is followed by Opera with just under 3 percent and Internet Explorer, which is on the sidelines, with less than 1 percent.

Top 5 desktop browsers in Germany

Firefox is even more popular in Germany.


The browser market share figures above are based on data collected worldwide. But what are the browser market shares in Germany? Something else:
1st place: Google Chrome is also the most popular browser in Germany. Not quite every second person uses it. 2nd place: Firefox still has a solid fan base in Germany and can claim a market share of around 22 percent on the desktop. 3rd place: But the new Edge from Microsoft is also catching up in this country and is already at around 13 percent Market share. 4th place: There are Mac users in Germany too, and in many cases they trust the built-in Safari browser. Market share currently around 12 percent. 5th place: Opera is the last major player with a noticeable market share of just over 7 percent.

The most popular browsers for your smartphone

Samsung Internet comes preinstalled on Samsung phones.


Desktop is one thing, mobile browsers are another. Here, too, Statcounter has global market shares. The ranking: Chrome (63%), Safari (25%), Samsung Internet (5%), Opera (2%) and Instabridge (1.5%). If you look at the smartphones of German users, the top 5 browsers are as follows:
1st place: Chrome has a market share of over 48 percent on smartphones in Germany. 2nd place: Safari holds up the iPhone flag and grabs a market share of over 31 percent. 3rd place: Since Samsung cell phones are also very popular in Germany, the 12-year-old is surprised percent quite high proportion of Samsung Internet. 4th place: Surprisingly out of nowhere, the Instabridge browser is placed here with a little more than 6 percent. 5th place: Even in the Firefox stronghold of Germany, the browser is struggling on mobile devices, market share is currently not times 2 percent.

Browser tips beyond the mainstream

Tor Browser is a useful second browser based on Firefox.


The world is sinking into browser uniformity. Chrome dominates on desktop and mobile, and beyond that, many other browsers also use the Chromium engine. The new Edge is just as much a part of it as Opera. You can only use Safari if you can afford an expensive Apple device. For the desktop, Firefox is at least an alternative with different technology.
As a second browser for increased data protection, we recommend the Tor browser. Firefox is also used here, but it is specifically optimized for use with the Tor network. In any case, it is not forbidden to use more than one browser. Switch browsers for different tasks. So you are always quickly at the start if a browser causes problems.

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