Mon Petit Placement: an effective solution to protect your savings from inflation

How can you limit the impact of inflation on your savings? With Mon Petit Placement, you can qualify for much more dynamic investments than your Livret A, without even needing any knowledge of finance. All from just 300 euros.
Inflation has reached a level not seen in France for many years. Measured at 4.5% by INSEE in March 2022 for the past year, it imposes new ways of investing savings. Because with a rate set at 1%, the livret A does not offer sufficient remuneration to offset inflation. Fortunately, there are solutions that allow you to aim for much better performance for your savings, such as that of Mon Petit Placement.
The French company offers you to invest your savings in top-of-the-range products and in a personalized way according to your project. Everything is accessible from a first payment of only 300 euros.

Up to 12% performance

Mon Petit Placement offers a total of 4 investment portfolios, for 4 types of profiles. It is after answering a few questions that the fintech will offer you the portfolio that suits you best. The objective is for you to invest your savings in the vehicle that best meets your expectations, both in terms of risk and your investment horizon. Here are the different profiles:
voluntary, with a return of about 3% in recent years;
energetic, with a return of around 5% in recent years;
ambitious, with a return of around 8% in recent years;
fearless, with a return of around 12% in recent years.
The savings that you entrust to Mon Petit Placement are invested in top-of-the-range financial products from recognized establishments such as Rothschild or JP Morgan. They are carefully selected by Mon Petit Placement experts to aim for the best possible return.
These returns come from the past performance of Mon Petit Placement. It is important to remember that they are not indicative of future performance. Finally, we remind you that any investment involves risk. This is why it is advisable to be accompanied, in order to opt for the strategy best suited to your profile.

No commitment, no hidden fees

Mon Petit Placement places your money in life insurance. This placement, well known to the French, however suffers from several misconceptions. Contrary to what its name suggests, life insurance is not really insurance. It is rather a financial investment contract that offers attractive taxation.
The money placed on this contract is not locked in any way. At any time, you can withdraw some or all of the money therein, free of charge. After 8 years, the taxation of this investment envelope becomes more advantageous. But it is quite possible to aim for a placement with a shorter objective.
Mon Petit Placement offers a simulator allowing you to estimate your capital after several years
You might be wondering what life insurance is made of to get such returns. At Mon Petit Placement, the money is invested in the financial markets. It is heavily diluted across several high-potential stocks, in order to avoid excessive risk exposure. When you invest, you should never put all your eggs in one basket.

Grow your money without doing anything

The advantage of Mon Petit Placement is that once registered, you no longer have to do anything to manage your investment. The French company's teams will find the best investments for you.
However, you can keep an eye on your investment. Mon Petit Placement has a mobile application and a website that you can connect to. You will then be able to know the performance of your investment, and its distribution among several assets.
The Mon Petit Placement team remains present if you have any questions to ask, via a chat available 7 days a week, but also by email or telephone. In addition to personalized investment advice when you sign up, the company also offers annual reviews. The opportunity for them to offer you some optimizations and to take stock of past performance.

Mon Petit Placement: accessible from 300 euros

The last advantage of Mon Petit Placement lies in its accessibility. To open an account, you only need to make an initial investment of 300 euros, followed by a monthly payment of 100 euros minimum, which you can cut from the first month. With no entry or exit fees, Mon Petit Placement is remunerated on the basis of performance by taking a small commission on the capital gain of your investment. This also means that when performance is negative, Mon Petit Placement does not charge you anything.
Thanks to the code FRANDROID30, you can even save money. By entering it when you register, you will then benefit from a 30% discount on the costs of Mon Petit Placement for the first year. Here's one last good reason to give it a try.

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