Mon Petit Placement: even with rising inflation, your savings can grow

With inflation currently at 4.5%, saving seems increasingly futile. However, there are solutions to increase your savings. Mon Petit Placement, for example, offers more profitable investments than a simple Livret A, and this, from a balance of 300 euros.
The bad news came last month: the inflation rate soared to reach 4.5% in March. A rate that not only has an impact on the purchasing power of French men and women, but also on their savings. The Livret A interest rate, set at 1% recently, no longer manages to keep up with inflation.
This does not mean that it is no longer possible to grow your savings. Mon Petit Placement offers you to invest your money in life insurance that is much more profitable than traditional savings. Especially since you can take advantage of a 30% discount on Mon Petit Placement fees during the first year, thanks to the code NUMERAMA30.

Investments based on your goals

The Fintech company also provides access to cautious investments, with a first level of interest rates, as well as more aggressive investments, and more rewarding interest rates. These average rates are often higher than the inflation rate in France:
The least volatile investment, the Voluntary, offered by Mon Petit Placement shows an average return of 3% per year; the Energetic portfolio offers an average return of 5% per year; the Ambitious investment brings an average return of 8% per year ;the most offensive investment generates an average return of 12% per year.
Of course, if past performance is not indicative of future performance, it nevertheless means that your savings earn you money in the event of a positive return.
This placement service is obviously not free. But you do not pay a subscription or any bank charges. Mon Petit Placement is in fact remunerated by recovering a small sum, only if your placement performs well.

An investment according to your desires

When you entrust your savings to Mon Petit Placement, the company invests in serious life insurance policies and offers experienced top-of-the-range financial products, such as JP Morgan or Lazard. They are then placed by financial market experts. So you are not investing blindly.
As a reminder, life insurance has nothing to do with insurance. This is an investment envelope with advantageous taxation accessible to all budgets and all savings, even the most modest.
However, you can indicate to Mon Petit Placement the field of activity of the companies in which you want to invest your portfolio: climate, health, new technologies, solidarity, etc.

Should I invest right now?

In view of the news of the past few weeks, it is natural to ask this question. The answer, it, belongs only to specialists in financial matters. And on this subject, Mon Petit Placement is authorized to advise you and thus answer your questions.
In concrete terms, Mon Petit placement is intended as a medium/long-term investment solution. It's not so much the context that matters, as the fact of starting as early as possible, of investing little by little and above all regularly.

Your savings always at hand

Instead of the usual banking heaviness, Mon Petit Placement preferred to offer a fully online service. Already, during registration, the Fintech company gives you a questionnaire that will determine your investor profile. Mon Petit Placement will then tell you which type of portfolio best suits your goals.
Its service is accessible both on computer and on the official application (available on iOS and Android). You can view the performance of your investments in real time or contact advisors via chat or phone. Finally, you can withdraw or deposit money at your leisure and without any fees.
Thanks to the code NUMERAMA30, you can also benefit from a 30% discount on the commissions charged on the performance of your investment during the first year.

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