Mon Petit Placement: for your savings, the Livret A is still not the best solution

Between its lean interest rate and inflation which is slowly but surely increasing, the Livret A is no longer the most advantageous choice for savings. Mon Petit Placement offers a much more interesting solution to make your woolen stocking grow.
Many are those who are content to place their savings in a savings account or on a Livret A without asking any questions. Very often, moreover, when changing banks, bankers invite us to open a second account with them to grow our cash. However, what appears to be a turnkey solution is not necessarily the best way to grow your savings.
Mon Petit Placement allows you to place money from 300 euros, with a monthly payment of 100 euros. This is non-binding, which gives you great flexibility in managing your subscription. Better, the company draws a 30% discount on its costs during the first year thanks to the code FRANDROID30.

Is it the right time to invest?

Above all, it is a question that it is normal to ask in view of the news of recent weeks. This answer belongs only to specialists in financial matters. An answer that Mon Petit Placement, authorized to advise on this type of question, can provide you via its customer service.
In general, Mon Petit placement is intended as a medium/long-term investment solution. It is not so much the context that matters as the fact of starting as early as possible, of investing little by little and above all regularly.

Invest your money wisely

Mon Petit Placement invites its customers to place their savings in various formulas, there are 4 of them, each time with potential average rates higher than the inflation rate in France. Although past performance is not indicative of future performance, the potential return is greater than a simple Livret A.
Mon Petit Placement has the advantage of offering an investment solution for all your performance objectives. If you want to play it safe, the safest investment has averaged a return of 3% per year in recent years. A portfolio offering an average return of 5% per year as well as more ambitious savings with an average return of 8% per year are also available. Finally, if you want to take more risk, the best portfolio enjoys an average return of 12% per year.
Note that Mon Petit Placement is remunerated by taking a commission on performance. This means that a small sum is recovered by the fintech company if your investment shows a positive return… And nothing at all if the return is negative. French society therefore has every interest in investing your money well so that it pays off.

A personalized investment

When you entrust your savings to Mon Petit Placement, they are invested in life insurance offering high-end products such as JP Morgan or Lazard. They end up in the hands of financial market experts who are responsible for placing them. Of course, you can indicate to Mon Petit Placement the field of activity of the companies in which you want to invest your portfolio: climate, health, new technologies, solidarity, etc.
As a reminder, life insurance has nothing to do with insurance. This is an investment envelope with advantageous taxation accessible to all budgets and all savings, even the most modest. Let's also add that your money is never blocked there: you can withdraw it at any time.

Your savings in your pocket

Last advantage of Mon Petit Placement, and not the least, its service is entirely online. Yes, the company spares you all the usual banking heaviness. One thinks in particular of the lengthy consultations with his banker, the annual report of his savings which is long overdue or the vagueness which hovers over the activity of your savings.
The Mon Petit Placement service is accessible both on a computer and on the official application (available on iOS and Android). You can view the performance of your investments in real time or contact advisors via chat or phone. Finally, you can withdraw or deposit money whenever you want.
The icing on the cake, you can try Mon Petit Placement without investing all of your savings since you can invest money from 300 euros, with a monthly payment without commitment of 100 euros. A subscription that can be interrupted at no additional cost. As for commission fees, they benefit from a 30% reduction for one year thanks to the code FRANDROID30.

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