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What is actually the most successful series to be seen on Netflix so far this year? There is no question that there is no way around “Squid Game” in this context. The new productions "Bridgerton" and "Lupin" have also delighted many fans. But now a series is returning to the Netflix program that has caused a stir several times in the past: "Stranger Things". From July 1, 2022 you can see the sequel to the fourth season on Netflix – and that's by no means all the highlights that await you.

Stranger Things Season 4b is streaming on Netflix

You can see what the second part of the fourth season of "Stranger Things" is about in a trailer that is already available. Netflix itself describes the content as follows: Our friends are scattered in all directions while the terrifying threat continues to spread. But this is just the beginning: the beginning of the end. Sounds extremely exciting and fans will certainly spend one or the other summer evening full of (anticipatory) joy in front of the television with the latest episodes of "Stranger Things".
"Resident Evil" – Season 1 starts in mid-July
Once started as a computer game, "Resident Evil" is now anything but unknown in the film cosmos. And now Netflix is adding a series based on the hit film series. The first season begins on July 14, 2022 and brings to light the dark secrets of the Umbrella Corporation nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-Virus. It's just stupid that the scenery is based on a new outbreak of the virus, which of course causes a lot of chaos.
Virgin River is now in its fourth season on Netflix
The drama series “Virgin River” is also successful in the Netflix program. The fourth season can be seen on Netflix from July 20, 2022. In it, Mel must contend with her new reality while Jack's past threatens his future. Netflix also promises new faces that should provide a breath of fresh air in its own production.
"King of Stonks" – New drama series about to start
"King of Stonks" is another completely new series production from Germany. The first season of this drama series can be seen from July 6, 2022; consisting of six episodes. Content: An over-ambitious financier wants to help his supposedly legitimate company to succeed through lies, fraud and intrigues and cause a sensation with the IPO. The team behind the series is also responsible for the successful Netflix series "How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)".

SeriesSeason available from

Snowflake Mountain122. June 2022

The Umbrella Academy322. June 2022

First Class123. June 2022

Queen Sylwester returns123. June 2022

Money Heist: Korea124. June 2022

Man Vs Bee124. June 2022

Adak: Alaska's Treasure Island129. June 2022

The Upshaws 2.129. June 2022

Stranger Things4b1. July 2022

My Liberation Notes 12. July 2022

Control Z36. July 2022

King of Stonks16. July 2022

Boo Bitch18. July 2022

Captain28. July 2022

The Longest Night18. July 2022

How To Build a Sex Room18. July 2022

Big Timber213. July 2022

It hurts like hell113. July 2022

Extraordinary Attorney Woo113. July 2022

Sintonia313. July 2022

Resident Evil114. July 2022

Alba115. July 2022

Country Queen115. July 2022

Farzar115. July 2022

Mom, Don't Do That!115. July 2022

Remarriage & Desires115. July 2022

Bogdan Boner: Exorcist220. July 2022

Virgin River420. July 2022

Blown Away322. July 2022

Alchemy of Souls123. July 2022

DI4RIES126. July 2022

Car Masters – From Junk to Riches427. July 2022

Rebelde – young and rebellious227. July 2022

Dream Home Makeover327. July 2022

Another Self128. July 2022

Keep Breathing128. July 2022

Fanatico129. July 2022

Revenge is Sweet: The Rebel Cheer Squad129. July 2022

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem229. July 2022

Uncoupled129. July 2022

Masaba Masaba2July 2022


New movies on Netflix in July 2022

Or should it rather be a film that sweetens your summer evening or perhaps the journey to vacation? Even then, there will be exciting new content to experience on Netflix in July. For example the comedy "For Jojo", in which Paula does everything to sabotage Jojo's relationship. Because Paula fears that Jojo, who has just fallen in love, will turn her back on their dating adventures in Berlin. The Netflix film will be available from July 11, 2022.
On the other hand, the thriller “The Gray Man” promises plenty of action from July 22, 2022: When a CIA agent discovers incriminating evidence against the secret service, he is hunted around the world by a former colleague who even puts a bounty on his head .
And if it's supposed to be a film for children, "The Sea Monster" is a good choice. When a girl sneaks into a monster hunter's ship as a stowaway, she journeys into uncharted waters – and makes history along the way. This Netflix film can be seen from July 8, 2022.

Title available from

Love & Gelato22. June 2022

Beauty24. June 2022

Glamor Girls24. June 2022

The Man from Toronto24. June 2022

Blasted28. June 2022

The first look, the last kiss and everything in between6. July 2022

The Sea Monster8. July 2022

Dangerous Liaisons8. July 2022

Incantation8. July 2022

Jewel8. July 2022

Ranveer Singh vs. Wilderness with Bear Grylls8. July 2022

For Jojo11. July 2022

Malnazidos – In the Valley of the Dead11. July 2022

Under the sun of Amalfi13. July 2022

Jaadugar – The Sorcerer15. July 2022

Persuasion15. July 2022

Live is Life18. July 2022

Za duży na bajki18. July 2022

The Gray Man22. July 2022

Pipa27. July 2022

Hairy affairs28. July 2022

Purple Hearts29. July 2022

The Entitled29. July 2022

By the way, there has also been interesting news in the past few days regarding the future of the streaming service. It became known that Netflix could implement a radical change that many fans might not like at all. It is now also clear that "Squid Game" will have a second season and will soon be making a comeback as a reality show.

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