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Great events cast their shadows ahead. At Sky, this not only means that a wide range of new sports channels can be received in the future. Sky customers who have booked a cinema package as part of their pay-TV subscription can also look forward to Paramount+ content from December – at no extra charge. Admittedly, that will take a while. But until then you can while away the time with other restarts from the international series and film cosmos. We show you the upcoming highlights.

New to Sky: Westworld and Black Lake sequels

Before the end of the month comes in the coming week, you can – as already reported – look forward to the fourth season of the US hit series “Westworld”. It starts next Monday with the first episode on Sky Atlantic. And of course also on demand via Sky Q and the new streaming service Wow. “Black Lake” will also be continued. After the first two seasons were shown in June, season 3 is now following. It is a spin-off entitled "Dystopia". The Swedish-Danish-Norwegian co-production was a surprise hit with TV audiences in Scandinavia.
"Black Lake" season 3 from July 27, 2022 every Monday at 8:15 p.m. on Sky Atlantic
"Il Re": New in-house production from Italy
The fact that Sky is able to produce high-quality series on its own in Italy should have been undisputed since "Gomorrah" at the latest. Now a new series from the land of pizza and pasta is announced. The eight-part drama series “Il Re” can be seen on Sky Atlantic from mid-July. Content: Director Bruno Testori rules the prison of San Michele like a king: he implements his own ideas of justice towards the inmates with brutal consistency. When a friend of Bruno's is found murdered in prison, the hardest fight of his life begins for him. Seeing his kingdom threatened, he x-rays all the inmates to find the culprit and restore order.
"Il Re" season 1 from July 19, 2022 every Tuesday at 9:05 p.m. on Sky Atlantic
Luca Zingaretti plays the prison director Bruno Testori in "Il Re".

The Baby: Horror Comedy Miniseries

“The Baby” is at home in a completely different genre. The horror comedy series – co-produced by Sky and HBO, by the way – centers on 38-year-old Natasha, who isn't too happy about the fact that her closest friends are all pregnant. But when unexpectedly her own baby literally falls into her arms, her life gets dramatically out of joint. The controlling, manipulative but incredibly cute babe turns Natasha's life into a surreal horror show. As she discovers the true extent of the baby's deadly nature, Natasha makes increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of him. She doesn't want a baby. But the baby definitely wants her.
"The Baby" season 1 from July 21, 2022 every Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on Sky Comedy
A baby that looks cute doesn't always have to be cute. "The Baby" shows just that.

Series TitleSeason Start DateBroadcaster

Westworld427. June 2022Sky Atlantic

JOE vs CAROLE127. June 2022peacock

We Own this City129. June 2022Sky Atlantic

Barry36. July 2022Sky Comedy

Il Re119. July 2022Sky Atlantic

July 22 – The shots from Munich121. July 2022Sky Crime

The Baby121. July 2022Sky Comedy

The Staircase122. July 2022Sky

9-1-1: Lone Star3b27. July 2022Sky One

Black Lake327. July 2022Sky Atlantic

Gentleman Jack25. August 2022Sky Atlantic

House of the Dragon122. August 2022Sky Atlantic

Munich Games14. September 2022Sky One

Kungfu125. September 2022Sky One

Irma Vep1September 2022Sky Atlantic

Babylon Berlin42022Sky



Gangs of London22022Sky


The You Run12022Sky

The Boat42023Sky

The Wasp22023Sky



The Pass3Q2 2023Sky

M. Son Of The Century12024Sky

Para – We Are King22024Warner TV Series

"Kung Fu" only in the program from September
Unfortunately, there is also less good news. Because if you were already looking forward to the martial arts series "Kung Fu": change of plans! Actually, the remake with Olivia Liang was supposed to run on Sky One from July 3rd, but nothing will come of it. Instead, Sky now assumes that it will only be able to show the new series from September 25, 2022.

Alternative to series: New films on Sky

Pay-TV subscribers who have booked the cinema package from Sky or the films & series package from Wow can of course also look forward to some new blockbusters in July. For example "Spider-Man: No Way Home" or cult action hero Bruce Willis in duplicate. On the one hand in "Apex", where he has to fight for his life as a wrongly convicted ex-cop in a brutal game – on a remote island against five elite fighters. On the other hand in "Killing Field". And here as a cop still on duty. When a drug bust goes haywire, he joins a co-worker and a vet to battle a drug lord and his killers on his remote farm.
Halloween Kills (July 1, 2022)Apex (July 2, 2022)Online for Beginners (July 4, 2022)Off Life (July 6, 2022)Clifford the Big Red Dog (July 8, 2022)Let Him Go (July 9, 2022) . July 2022)Never Back Down: Revolt (July 11, 2022)Spider-Man: No Way Home (July 15, 2022)Chess Novella (July 16, 2022)Die in a Gunfight (July 18, 2022)Dear Evan Hansen (July 20 . July 2022)It's just a phase, rabbit (July 22, 2022)Stillwater Against All Suspicion (July 23, 2022)To the Limit (July 25, 2022)The Addams Family 2 (July 29, 2022)Killing Field (July 30, 2022)

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