No data center Facebook in Zeewolde for the time being

29 Mar. 2022 in FINANCIAL

After much protest, including here at the town hall of Zeewolde, Meta discontinued the plans for a data center.


MENLO PARK (ANP) – The American tech company Meta is not going ahead with the plans for a data center in Zeewolde for the time being.
After much protest, including here at the town hall of Zeewolde, Meta discontinued the plans for a data center.


The plans of the parent company of Facebook and Instagram met a lot of resistance. Meta now says that those "current circumstances" have led to the discontinuation of the plans. The company states that it wants to be 'a good neighbor' and that support from the local community is therefore indispensable.

Largest in the Netherlands

The data center, which was to be the largest in the Netherlands, could count on the support of the Zeewolde city council. However, opponents won in the last municipal elections, so that support melted away. The opponents were concerned that the size of the data center would not suit a village like Zeewolde. The high power consumption was also a tricky point for critics, as was the question of whether the residual heat can be used properly. Proponents pointed to extra jobs and more tax revenues.
The fact that Zeewolde agreed to a change in the zoning plan did not in any case mean that the construction of the data center could start. For this, Meta also needed permits from the municipality and province. In addition, part of the land on which the data center would be built is owned by the Central Government Real Estate Agency. That had set sustainability requirements for its use before a possible sale was made.

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