O₂ birthday offer: Big data volume with Galaxy Z Flip3 for 38 euros – smartwatch for free

The O₂ Grow Tariff is brand new in the mobile phone provider's range, can only be booked for a short time and appeals to people with a high demand for mobile data volume. Because here you already have a whopping 40 GB available per month in the first year of the contract. And the special feature of the tariff: With every additional year, your monthly available data volume increases by 10 GB.
So after one year you can already use 50 GB per month, after two years 60 GB – and so on. Theoretically, an increase of up to 240 GB is possible. But you would have to keep the contract for 20 years. The costs remain the same as they were with the starting volume of 40 GB. The 5G mobile tariff costs 29.99 euros individually. If you are under the age of 29, you can get the growing birthday rate for only 19.99 euros per month. And for around 8 euros more per month you can now also get the extravagant Galaxy Z Flip3.
Top offer: O₂ Grow together with Z Flip3 and Galaxy Watch4 for 37.99 euros per month
However, the 8-euro surcharge bill only applies to the option with a term of 36 months. With a classic 24 months it is 49.99 euros. Among other things, because the tariff is getting better and better over time, it is at least worth considering stretching the tariff in this way. After this time, the price drops to the standard 29.99 euros (the smartphone is then paid off) and you are already using 70 GB of data volume per month.
Foldable smartphone with an eye-catching character – the Galaxy Z Flip3.

O₂ Grow: The growing mobile phone tariff for frequent users

On the other hand, thanks to the Connect option, the tariff is worthwhile for users who want to surf on the go with several devices. Because the tariff can be used on up to ten devices at the same time. For example, you can also equip your tablet, notebook or smartwatch with mobile Internet access in addition to your smartphone. Or: You also supply your family's devices with Internet.
The birthday offer isn't just about the O₂ Grow tariff alone. But: You can also secure it in combination with the unusual Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, which can be easily folded up to pocket size. Both the tariff and the mobile phone offer the possibility of 5G – so you are well prepared for the future.
Foldable phone test: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G hands-on: does it work?
And now there is another highlight: If you buy the foldable Galaxy smartphone by June 6th, you can also secure a Galaxy Watch4 worth up to 349 euros (RRP). For the O₂ Grow tariff with Galaxy Z Flip3 (128 GB) and Smartwatch you pay 37.99 euros per month (with 36 installments). With 256 GB of storage space, you pay 38.99 euros per month for 36 installments. In addition, there is a one-off payment of one euro for the smartphone and 4.99 euros for shipping costs. O₂ gives you the connection price.

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