Only for a few days: 15 gigabytes of all-network flat rate for EUR 7.99 – without connection fees

Normally, the mobile phone tariff costs you 31.99 euros with a generous 15 gigabytes of data volume, up to 50 Mbit/s download speed and telephony and SMS flat rate. Now you only pay around a quarter of the original price for the same conditions with mobilcom-debitel. Another special feature: You will initially be charged a connection fee of 39.99 euros – but you can get this back quickly without much effort.
Also possible with 15 gigabytes of data volume: For example, you can also easily connect a second device to the Internet via a hotspot. So you can also access the internet on a tablet or notebook on the train or in the park. If you use the Internet on several devices at the same time, however, the surfing speed drops.
Only for a short time: 15 gigabytes of LTE for only 7.99 euros (ends Monday, March 28, 8 p.m.)
5G and top download speed are understandably not included for this price. However, Vodafone LTE offers good network availability, and the surfing speed of up to 50 Mbit/s (LTE50) is more than sufficient for most conceivable usage scenarios.

ESIM and VoLTE offer you even more advantages

The contract also scores with functions such as VoLTE and WiFi calling. This improves the audio quality during calls. You can also use the tariff via eSIM. This has the advantage that you can, for example, make calls and surf with an LTE smartwatch without a SIM slot. EU roaming is of course also included.
The offer has a minimum term of 24 months. If you do not cancel in time, the contract period will be automatically extended as usual. From the 25th month you pay the regular price of 31.99 euros. If you forget to cancel, you can quickly free yourself from the contract by giving one month's notice. Nevertheless – you should keep an eye on the notice period, because the normal price for the tariff is clearly too expensive even for what is offered.

This is how you get the connection fee back quickly

You will get back the connection fee you paid if you send an SMS with “AG Online” to 22240 within two weeks of activating the tariff. So you really only pay 7.99 euros per month and have no additional costs, which makes the offer even more attractive.

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